Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From the ComBox

Since I've ventured to speak out about recent Catholic topics that have come up in the news (instead of typing up another recipe or posting cute baby pics) I've opened myself up to less than friendly comments (three in one day! That's impressive!).

I remember when I first started this blog a little over a year ago. I was kind of devastated each time I got a comment telling me how much of an idiot I was (despite the fact that I was my high schools valedictorian and scored 150 on an IQ test that same year, which lets me know I'm not quite as much of an idiot as I apparently appear... I know, I know... this is where I get more comments telling me how obviously stupid I am!). But times have changed.

These days I seem to have grown a somewhat thicker skin. Maybe it's all those pregnancy and post-pregnancy hormones that have been surging through my veins lately. Maybe it's just that I find a lot of things going on in the world around us all to be absurd, and so I'm not all that bothered if the rest of the world thinks I'm foolish too.

I mean, in this age of moral relativism it seems crazy to some people to set boundaries of any sort, much less follow the Catholic Churches teachings. So I'm okay if the whole world doesn't love me. That may just be a sign that I'm heading in the right direction.

Anyways here are my two favorite comments of the day:

POB said...

The assumptions made on this blog would make a philosophy minor at a state university cringe...

Anonymous said...


This is clearly a proudly conservative Catholic motherhood blog. Given that it is not a website that basks in the glory of its own self righteousness of liberality is enough to make most at any state university cringe.

So what assumptions are you even talking about?


I picked the first comment because it's not nice, but it's not the meanest thing I've gotten either. And I picked the second one because it hits the nail on the head.

Now to get some sleep and see if I wake up to any more fun comments before another busy day starts!


  1. I suppose POB would prefer it if you became more self-centered and wallowed in the liberal hippy BS that seems to be permeating our society.

  2. Keep going!!! It takes a lot of guts to move towards a "polarizing" blog. But, I was fascinated by the post you brought to our attention about the eucharistic minister SM guy! It at least allows me to put one more intention into my prayers :) You have a lot of support - we may just be quieter than the others!

  3. I think your blog might be more entertaining if you disabled moderation so we all could see the malarkey too. After all, it's possible to go back and delete the worst comments & spam if necessary.

  4. The best part about having a blog is sharing your viewpoint with others, regardless of the content or mental IQ. The bloggosphere gives us diversity and opens the reader up to new ways of thinking. You have a beautiful message to share and I truly enjoy reading what you have to say. Thank-you

  5. Thanks you guys! I don't think I'm quite ready to take down comment moderation, because it seems like having it up makes people a little more "diplomatic" in hopes of being published (I do publish almost everything. I think the only really bad one recently was one about racism that was so far out there I didn't want to contribute to anyone going to the writers blog).

    And I'm definitely going to keep going! I've met more amazing people through blogging and have learned more about our faith! It's definitely worth it!

  6. Good for you. I need to grow a thicker skin. Unfortunately my mean comments have been aimed at my kids or me as a mama... maybe I'd do better if they were like these, but I really don't think I would lol. I enjoy your posts though. Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. I'm behind on posts too :-j

  7. It takes courage to speak out when it's necessary, so good for you for doing just that!

  8. That shows you you're doing something right! A lot of people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want to face reality. Keep it up! I love your blog, BTW!


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