Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2 Months Old: A Moment in the Life of Patrick

Yesterday was Patrick's two month birthday and was pretty much like any other day in his crazy, little life, surrounded by his two overly adoring big sisters.  While going through pictures to find the perfect one for today I stumbled across these and realized that they pretty much sum up Patrick's laid back personality and his sisters' enthusiastic attitude around him... which, I believe, is why he's so content to spend naps in his bassinet safely behind a baby gate... because he doesn't realize that his littlest big sister can scale it in about 5 seconds now.

Dance Patrick Dance!

He already knows that his big sisters are a little bit crazy.

And he can't believe that one of them has been allowed into the kitchen.
He's giving Daddy (who took these pictures) the "aren't you going to do something about this" look.


Yeah... he's pretty good natured.  He puts up with a lot of big sister cuddles!
This is the gate (which I'm planning on painting with that magnetic paint I bought) that she scales in no time flat...
And a picture of Mae Bae ready to come in and join in the cuddling Patrick fun (or steal a banana from the kitchen counter, which is actually more likely to be her goal)!


  1. Mae Bae is plotting!!!

    Patrick is adorable and looks amazingly laid back.


  2. Your little ones looks absolutely beautiful in there.
    I love the beautiful bright eyes of Mae Bae and Patrick is so cute too.
    Such a lovely kids.


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