Monday, January 7, 2013

"Bless Us, Oh Lord..."

Yesterday Paul approached the priest to talk about Patrick's baptism, which looks like it's going to be this coming Sunday.

This morning Sadie's enthusiasm for the upcoming day shone through.  As I was getting the Boy dressed she knelt down next to his head and this conversation followed:

Sadie:  "Can you say Glory to God, Patrick?  Glory to God!"  
Patrick:  Watches his big sister with wide eyes.
Sadie:  "Why isn't he saying it?  Is it too hard Patrick?  Here Patrick." (takes his little hand in hers) "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit... Amen!" (makes his little hand make the sign of the cross.  Repeats this four times.)  "Why is he looking at me like that?"  (She's now pressing his little hands together as if they're folded in prayer.)
Me:  "I think he thinks you're a little bit crazy."
Sadie:  "Can you pray Patrick?  Can you say, "Bless us oh Lord and these thine Baptisms which we are about to receive through the bounty of Christ our Lord, amen!"  (a creative use of our dinner time grace if I've ever seen on).  "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen!"
Me:  "Okay, let's take it easy on him.  Careful with his little arms." 

It was at this point that I carried Patrick in with me to make breakfast, where he took refuge in his bassinet, which he doesn't seem to think is too bad after experiencing the attentions of either of his rather energetic sisters.

Now to get through Daddy's first day back at school...  This break flew by!  


  1. Ah, Cam, you are indeed blessed --- and a good mother.

  2. At least Sadie didn't glue his hands together with Superglue. That's what one of my nieces did to her younger sister, so she would "be good and pray."


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