Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Nursing Dress Design: Take One

I spent a week trying to come up with a pattern for a nursing dress in my head, and then finally just set out sewing to see what I would come up with.  I'm going to try to wear the dress today, to see how it actually works in practice.  

The bodice comes up over the bust and then the shoulder straps come down over the shoulders (and over the bodice and cross to tie in the back around the waist.  It should be quite easy to nurse discreetly in this dress without fumbling with buttons or straps or snaps, or untying anything (not that I usually end up nursing much when we're out and about, I get tired of those things even when we're around the house).  

And after I decide whether or not I like it and whether or not it works I'll try to get better pictures of it.  These were taken in a rather dim room with my computer (which obviously doesn't have a flash):


  1. If you ever sold any of these... I'd buy one in about a second. Just saying. Nursing capability aside, this is one of the most gorgeous dresses I've seen in a long time, especially since it's long enough for me to want to wear it, and covers shoulders while having a great neckline.

  2. It actually looks cute too, which is incredibly hard to find in a nursing dress.

  3. So pretty!! You are talented indeed!! :)

  4. Lovely and it is so hard to find nice nursing dresses!

  5. You do have a gift, that is a lovely dress. Add 3/4 sleeves and a few inches longer, I would absolutely want it, in navy blue, and burgandy, and a third in bright royal blue...

    Anyway, just saying, I like it very much even if it doesn't nurse well, but even better if it does.


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