Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hazard a Guess?

Anyone care to guess who was responsible for this dissection?

Honestly, I'm only surprised it hadn't happened sooner...  and the culprit was trying to put it back together to hide the evidence that anything had happened...


  1. Was it Paul? LOL! I'm surprised the doll came apart like that. Our's have lost heads, legs and arms but never had the body come apart.

  2. Impressive! I feel very lucky that Jack hasn't taken anything apart yet... just lots of broken things because he likes to play "crash"

  3. This post seriously just made me laugh out loud so hard. Kids... they really do the darnedest things! I admit to remembering this sort of thing from my childhood, to.

    This is how guardian angels get their workouts, I think. <3!


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