Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Snuggie Makes a Michigan Winter Appearance

 It wasn't really even that cold yesterday.  I believe that it was one of those increasingly rare days when the temperature managed to climb up above freezing.  If one had a tendency of believing the predictions of weather men, it was supposed to reach 40.  So it definitely wasn't one of the coldest days we've had so far this winter... and yet...  I was freezing.

I think it had something to do with being in the Mommy and Me swim lesson class with Mae Bae (where she bite me five times, each at the suggestion of floating on her back...), followed by getting our two little swimmers changed in a locker room that was freezing.

The locker room did us in.  Sadie stood wrapped in her towel and bathing suit, shivering and saying:  "Mommy, can I take a really, really hot bath tonight?!?!"

After that, even once we'd changed into our toasty warm clothes, we just felt cold.

Paul acted like we might have lost in when we got home and started layering (he was in short sleeves by this point).  Five minutes later I thought I'd found a tolerable level of warm... and it involved a Snuggie (you knew there was a point to this post, right?):

Or as Sadie called it:  "Mommy's Queen Wrap."

I guess it was bound to happen, that year in Naples during which time the temperature never even approached forty, and liked to hover around a balmy 80-something in the dead of winter, was bound to catch up with me after our move north... because I've kept waiting to feel really, really cold... and it's finally happened on a not so cold day...

Boots, knee high socks, stretch pants, a top, sweatshirt and snuggie... and still feeling kind of chilly...

With a projected high of 14 on Tuesday the babies and I will be hiding inside and snuggling down inside the snuggie... I knew that thing was a good buy (okay, the only reason I got one was because it was free with my various CVS coupons back in the day)!

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