Monday, January 21, 2013

Flavored Popcorn Success!

I love flavored popcorn.  But spending $10 for a bag of it at the local mall is not in the cards for me and so I was pretty excited when I saw a recipe for it on pinterest.  I was extra excited because my popcorn maker is pretty much my favorite cooking tool in the kitchen.  You see, I really am not a fan of microwave popcorn, but fresh popped popcorn... it's one of my major weaknesses.  

So I pulled out my handy popcorn maker and got to work, hoping that the recipe was as awesome and pink as it looked.  

I popped the popcorn and put it in my buttered turkey roasting pan:

Then I followed the recipe from the site to make the strawberry part (I picked strawberry because I knew the girls would love it, but you can use any flavored gelatin to make the flavor of your choice):

And voila!  After a little bit of baking the popcorn was crunchy and not in the last bit sticky.  In fact, it was way less messy than buttered popcorn!  It's tasty!

And it's way, way less expensive than buying pre-made flavored popcorn!

This is definitely a recipe I'm going to bring out on the girls birthdays!  Who knew that making flavored popcorn was this simple?


  1. There is on element that is needed for this popcorn that I don't have at the moment. An oven. :( Still trying to figure out what's wrong with the one I've got and if I REALLY need to buy a new one. I'd prefer to just fix this one.

  2. You're smart to avoid microwave popcorn. Though the chemical diacetyl has largely been removed, some contend that its replacement (to make it "buttery") is bad, as well. And, there is also the issue of the chemical that lines the bags (PFOA, PFOS) and is a likely carcinogen.

    Now, if only gelatin came in a nice white cheddar flavor. ;)


  3. That popcorn looks like a lot of fun. Outside of cheese, caramel and kettle corn, I've never had any other flavored popcorns. I showed my eldest daughter and she wants to give this a try. She thinks it would make a great Valentine's Day treat.

  4. Great job! I love that pink color. :)

  5. oh. my. goodness.

    This looks and sounds amazing.



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