Saturday, January 5, 2013

Supporting Hobby Lobby

As I mentioned earlier, this morning we ventured out to Hobby Lobby.  And of course, I found a few dozen things that I "needed" (okay, at least they're for the shop!)!

Here are the pictures we snapped today:

Here we are leaving Hobby Lobby with my finds for Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day!

Here Patrick was, bundled, as we got ready to set out for the store!  He slept through the shopping trip.  And the temperature actually felt downright warm to us since the high actually peeked up above freezing today!
I'd been thinking about buying these for quite a while!  I have big plans for my new tools!

Because one of these days I'm actually going to list the saint boxes that I've painted on my shop...

To go with the tools I bought.  And a little book for the designs I've been coming up with!

This was another thing I've been looking for that I finally found today during our shopping trip.  I'm going to paint the baby gates that Grumpa made with these!

I've been running low on ribbed ribbon and my pins were pretty much useless they'd been used so much!  And I  couldn't pass up the clearance jingle bells.

And lastly two yards of yellow ruffle fabric (and this picture really doesn't do the ruffle fabric justice at all.
Sadie has been begging me to make her a dress with it, but the actual plan is to make a maternity dress to list in one of my shops.  I loved how the one I made for myself was stretchy enough to wear when I was gigantic, but also stretchy enough (in the other direction) to still fit perfectly now!
And that was our trip to Hobby Lobby today!


  1. I supported them online today since there wasn't one too close to here. I hope the store was crowded. It is so imperative that everyone stand up and support them and show the administration how much we cherish our precious rights! God bless, Lisa :-)

  2. Wish there was a store near me! Looks like your trip was a ton of fun, though! Can't wait to see everything that comes from it!

  3. I totally thought of you when we saw the purple ruffle material! (I didn't buy any thought- wah!)

  4. Wish this day had happened before Christmas! Our post Christmas spending freeze (excepting mandatory bills, etc.) doesn't exclude Hobby Lobby. :( Very cool haul... looks like you're going to have some very fun and crafty times ahead!


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