Friday, January 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

I am convinced that they just don't plow the side streets here at all.  ever.  We're one block off of the main street, so it's not as if we're out in the boondocks.  And I've seen the plow drive back and forth, not dumping salt and not putting it's plow down.

I'm kind of fascinated by the whole thing.  I sit and watch it's little flashing light go by out the window and wonder why it's even over this far if they don't plow side streets.

Back home it starts to snow and the plows head out and start plowing pretty much right away.

When I was in Scotland snow started falling and the highway was closed and I was stuck in the middle of nowhere in a car on the freeway in the freezing cold on New Year's Eve, because there was roughly a quarter of inch of snow on the pavement.  It was the kind of snow where you walk and you can see the pavement in your boot prints and you're pretty certain that even the tiniest of rental cars (which was what I was in) will have tires that can still make it through.

Here our road looks more or less like a ice luge track.  Yet somehow no one seems to have a problem and cars still seem to zoom down the road at normal speeds, even though the stop light at the end of the street is pretty much always red and they're going to somehow find a way to come to a stop...

I think, that in addition to a new defroster motor, Cabrini needs snow tires.

P.S.  I recognize that after a year in Florida I am still a wimp about all things cold...

--- 2 ---

Tired, but still wiggly.
Sadie curled up on the couch this morning and looked at me with sleepy eyes before announcing that she was very tired.  When asked why she cuddled under a blanket and sleepily said:  "I slept in Mae Bae's bed last night and she kept pulling my hair."

Since we're rearranging rooms their beds are currently in the little sewing room, until we move our bed into their old room, which will then make room for their bed in the former master bedroom.  This means that their beds are, at the moment, roughly 12 inches apart, because the sewing room is really, really tiny.

But apparently that 12 inch trek back to her own bed was just too much and she opted to deal with the hair pulling and stay up all night, instead of heading back to the peace of her own little space.

I think I'll remember to braid her hair tonight.

--- 3 ---

I have been exhausted this past week and hadn't been able to figure out why.  I mean, I've been physically unable to stay awake past 10 pm... and past 10 pm is when I get most of my work done, so this has been a major problem.  I need those extra three hours of work to get orders out.

This morning I realized the problem.

I forgot my iron pills when we went to Massachusetts and I forgot to start taking them again upon returning home.

Super dumb move.

I realized after I had Patrick that on days when I don't take them I am exhausted by early afternoon.

I'm guessing that means that I'm still anaemic, after becoming anaemic during that whole mystery illness during the pregnancy.  Thankfully, restarting the vitamins should mean energy fairly quickly.

And that's a good thing.  Because I have a lot of work to do!

--- 4 ---

I'm a little sad at the moment, because the break is almost over and I realize I'm about to say goodbye to Paul until sometime in May when he reappears, exhausted and dazed from not sleeping in four months and reading law books until late in the night.

On the other hand: He's halfway done with law school!!!

18 months down, 18 more to go.

Okay, since he got a graduate degree before starting law school it feels more like 54 months down, 18 months to go.

And that's practically the home stretch, right?

--- 5 ---

Sadie has been lobbying for one particular gift for quite a while now.  She wanted one of those easy-bake-oven type of cakesicle makers.  I was keeping my eyes open for a real cakesicle maker instead, because the idea of eating anything baked under a light bulb makes me a tad nervous.

In Macy's we found a cakesicle iron (kind of like a waffle iron) and joyously brought it home from Massachusetts after using a gift card the girls had been given to purchase it.  Sadie excitedly talked about how Mommy could now teach her how to bake.

We heated the iron and mixed up a box of batter.  Sadie stayed with me through the first 10 batches as we realized that one box of cake mix makes a ridiculous number of cakesicles.  Then she went into the living room to play and I plodded through making dozens of cakesicles on my own.  She stopped by periodically to see if I'd started frosting yet, and came back when it was time to add pink sprinkles to the cakesicles.  

But I have to admit they were pretty delicious.  And I loved that each cakesicle was pretty much equal to two bites of cake, so I can give the girls each one and they think it's an awesome treat, without getting to hyper from the sugar!

--- 6 ---

Patrick has been enjoying the fleece snuggle wraps that I made for him.  Now that the highs each day are in the 20s things are a little chilly in our 90 year old, fairly drafty, home.  And a layer of snuggle fabric and a layer of fleece in a swaddle wrap make for one happy little guy.

--- 7 ---

And let's all remember to keep Jen from Conversion diary in our prayers.  For those who don't know she's pregnant and suffered pulmonary embolisms in both lungs.  From the most recent updates she's home now, but prayers are definitely appreciated!  

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  1. I will certainly keep Jen in my prayers.

    I clicked on the link to Moxie Wife and discovered that Hallie will be speaking here in Mobile next week, at St. Mary's, the very first parish we belonged to after we moved from up North! Many families from St. Mary's were seriously impacted by the recent Christmas evening tornado, with many homes demolished, several churches damaged, and a high school made uninhabitable. It is nothing short of a Christmas miracle that there were absolutely no serious injuries or fatalities. It is a great parish, with a wonderful Catholic school and very active parishioners. I think Hallie will be well received.

    Stay warm!

    God bless.



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