Monday, January 14, 2013

Patrick Update

We're back home and I'm hoping that the doctor and nurse we saw this morning were right...

We took Patrick back to the ER after waking up and seeing that his toe still looked exactly like it did last night.  It was still bright red and the indentation was still just as deep on the front and back (the sides were a little better where they cut).  The doctor had told me that if it wasn't significantly better by morning we needed to go straight back in.  And bright red and with a deep line around it didn't look better at all.

So we set out down our icy road (it snowed over two inches last night while I was in the hospital according to the news) and returned to the ER where today's doctor said it looked perfectly fine for what it should be and the nurse said that it looked like the hair had actually cut his skin, which is why it isn't going back out.  If it were still there they would cut until they hit the bone to be sure that they got it (cringe).

I'm really hoping that they're right and that little to no improvement is okay, since the other doctor was worried that there wasn't improvement in the time we were at the hospital and said it should be pretty immediate.  Sigh.

Now to call our doctor to make the follow up appointment.

Thankfully the little cuddle bug is sleeping after his long night not sleeping in the ER!


  1. I'll continue praying for him. I offered my rosary this morning for Patrick. I hope your next update is along the lines of his toe looking much better.

  2. Poor little thing! Praying for Patrick today.

  3. Poor little fellow!!! I'll certainly be praying for Patrick today. You really have had a time of it.

    God bless.



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