Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sewing News!

Yesterday I took Sadie to Joanns so that we could pick out the curtain fabric for the curtains I'd promised to make her to block out the dark, scary, windblown shadows of the menacing trees outside her bedroom window.  I also had some silk to purchase, for my snoods, and I had coupons clipped and ready to go.  

First we found this corduroy like fabric in girl's apparel and Sadie decided that it was in fact pink enough to adorn the windows in her room (and it was on sale, so I had saved a coupon!):

Then we saw this equally heavy duty fabric and grabbed it so that we wouldn't have the same problem in Patrick's room (also on sale!):

She spotted this fabric from across the store and became giddy and nonsensical as she gushed about how she had to have it, how it would be the most beautiful dress in the world, how it was absolutely lovely.

Luckily it too was on sale, and would be the perfect finishing touch for a half finished dress that I was making her for her birthday, so it went into the cart too.

When I spotted this fabric, which I always keep my eyes open for, I was pretty excited.  This is one of my most popular snoods (it was also one of my early snoods) and I've purchased this fabric over and over again and have had it sell out every time.  I hadn't been able to find the fabric lately, and so when I saw it yesterday I went straight over and bought the entire bolt.

And that means that this snood is relisted!

And after selling out all of my purple silk to snood wearers in Europe (and discussing with the lady at the cutting counter how hard it was to find, while she said that it sold out very quickly when it came it) I found a bolt with two pieces of fabric on it that were each over a yard.

So my purple silk is back up as well!

Now to put on a bathing suit, bundle up over it and brave the snow to take Mae to her Mommy and Me class (while Sadie does big girl swim lessons).  I'm really hoping she's not in a biting mood today...

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