Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

Poor Patrick.  He hates tummy time.  But after he acted like a limp noodle during his last doctor's appointment he's enjoying surviving three tummy times a day:

And now I have proof that the boy really can lift his head.

--- 2 ---

Ouch.  Yesterday was painful, in a body-withdrawing-from-wheat-and-sugar type of way.  I ate and ate and ate the limited foods that I'd dubbed "okay" that we happened to have in our kitchen and after feeling like I was eating a lot added up the calories and came up with a grand total of 688 and 12 grams of fat (at first I thought I'd gotten 738, but then I realized that Mae stole half of my banana).  I did manage 60-something grams of protein, which was almost enough for a nursing mother...

So the new struggle is finding things with fat and calories that are okay to eat.  With the help of bacon I'm doing better today, but am still on the low end.

I also started keeping track of everything here, so that I don't spend all my blogging time over here lamenting this whole food thing.  Because that was probably old like... yesterday...

Not at all what I'm craving...

--- 3 ---
This is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen.  Ever.  Celebrating the murder of the unborn... classy:

If that wasn't disgusting enough there's this, which is worth reading just to get an idea of what we're up against.  And the Anchoresses response is excellent.

--- 4 ---

Who wants to bet that the mainstream media is going to do everything they can to ignore the half million people marching in D.C. today?

Yeah... they can keep ignoring pro-lifers but we're not going away...

--- 5 ---

Wow.  I just posted all of these with a fifth, sixth and seventh quick takes, but blogger must have had some sort of a blip, because I came back and the post wasn't up and half the post was gone.

Which isn't fun since my brain feels like a big ball of mush at the moment.  For those who've done this sort of diet change and gone through this sort of thing, how long did it last?  Because I'm so ready for it to go away!
--- 6 ---

Patrick slept for nine consecutive hours last night in his bassinet...  which is pretty awesome in my book!

This is what happens when you have sisters... They wrap you in a pink velvet bunny blanket...

--- 7 ---

The girls, on the other hand, didn't do so well (which is pretty unusual).  We finally worked out that they're terrified of the shadows cast my the street light in their new room.  So during todays outing we got some on sale fabric to make curtains, and a night light, which I'm hoping will turn them back into the good sleepers they were before this week!

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  1. I found that "Happy Anniversary" Roe v Wade ad very weird and creepy; it seemed almost satirical to me (smarmy, selfish guy glad he doesn't have to take responsibility...) Just very strange.

    The Mary Elizabeth Williams article exuded selfishness and evil. No trying to sugarcoat the intent there; she simply doesn't care that there is a human life... her convenience trumps all.



  2. I have been doing low carb/primal/paleo (with dairy) for five years now. Carb withdrawals can be pretty bad: you need to stay hydrated and keep your mineral levels up--drink (preferably homemade) chicken broth constantly. Also, this may not be the case for you, but I always have a supply drop when I change my diet like that, so be careful (I'm sure you are.)

  3. I have had some nasty carbohydrate withdrawls, and they last for days. Drinking water helps a little, but the very best thing is to keep on sticking to the new diet.

    It is well worth the effort. I'm doing the Great Weight Write-off with a group of people, and this week was a 6 pound drop for me. It is very much worth the difficulties.

    I ate spinach and feta meatloaf this week. It is sinfully good.

    We made spinach, onion, bacon and cheese quiche this week. The kids love it too.

    And I made a crock pot beef stew with leeks and cabbage that melts on the tongue.

    Anyway, part of our weight loss write off is we blog about it. I find I focus a lot on good food.

    Sometimes if you cheat on the low carbing, you will get cravings and have to suffer again. Cheating isn't worth it IMO.

    Rooting for you!

  4. Eesh - good luck with the allergy-hunt. Vince had a similar issue when he was younger. Withdrawal is NOT fun.

    That being said, the newest image of Patrick actually made me swoon out loud. What a beautiful little face!

    Bless you guys! <3

    Oh! And PS - thanks for linking to the Anchoress. Brilliant response that I might not have seen otherwise. I shudder to think there are people out there who actually think in such vulgar and evil ways.

  5. Beans and Tofu have a lot of protein in them. You can use beans in place of meat in almost any dish you can think of.

    I've never personally had tofu but my friend who's a vegetarian says it's good. (I'm sure you can find recipes online for doing things with it.)

  6. The biggest problem is that tofu and beans are both on the no list for at least a month because of the allergy. I'm hoping to try out beans at the end of the month, because they're such a big part of our diet as it is, and because they have so much potassium and I'm pretty much always low on potassium.

  7. My carb withdrawal lasted probably about 48-72 hrs...I remember only one really bad afternoon with a splitting headache. Have you tried canned unsweetened coconut milk for calories? That has a lot of calories/fat in it and you can make smoothies with it. It was rough being without any soy/beans...but if you google "whole 30 recipes" you'll probably find some you're able to eat.


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