Friday, April 4, 2014

11 Week Photos...

You guys this is just unbelievable.  Completely and totally unbelievable.  Because look:

That is a noticeable difference.  Again.  In a week.

And  there's only one baby in there.  I was seriously staring at the screen expecting at least a half dozen going by size alone.

Is this a Michigan thing?  Does the icy winter air just breed gigantic babies?

Because at 12 weeks with Sadie I looked like this:

Yeah, I know, I posted this a few weeks ago,
but I'm still marveling at how "huge" I felt
and how not "huge" I was.
As opposed to now, when at not yet 12 weeks people are asking "When are you due?" and trying not to look shocked when I say "October."

Because gigantic.  Well maybe not "homestretch" gigantic but definitely 1st trimester gigantic.

I can only wonder what I'll look like at the end of the 2nd trimester.  Hopefully I still fit in the frame between the doorknob and the door hinges...


  1. You can always stand up straight and engage your core to minimize the look. It's just muscle laxity, the baby is the same size as any other 11 week fetus - don't worry!

  2. Yeah, you might want to try that after five pregnancies and three c-sections in six years. It doesn't quite work the way you might imagine.

    I absolutely agree that it's because my muscles have gone through the ringer, but standing up straight muscles and all I still look pretty pregnant.

  3. And while this baby is absolutely right on track at his 12 week size right now, I'd also be surprised if we went full term without having another gigantic baby. The last three have all been big enough that they use whatever the medical term is for being really big... and I imagine if everything goes well this one will too. But that doesn't worry me at all because this time around I'm finally at peace with the idea of a c-section and won't be doing another 36 hour trial of labor!


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