Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter! Answers, Dresses and Easter Egg Hunting!

He is Risen!  Happy Easter to all of you!  I hope the Easter season is getting off to a joyful start!  The kids woke up bright and early and were ready to race downstairs and... ignore their baskets?  I was baffled.  At least Sadie rushed straight over.  Maggie and Patch ran into the playroom without giving them a second glance.  

I thought I'd share a few of the photos we snapped today, while participating in a couple of my favorite link ups! 

1. What did you and your family wear to Mass on Easter Sunday?

They were in fine form this morning... we made it through 60 minutes of Mass before the meltdown from a certain someone reaches such proportions that we had to leave (in the autism world a meltdown has some things in common with a normal meltdown... kind of like a hurricane has some things in common with a storm... and I'm learning more and more when it's time to say "well, we made it through an hour and the homily was just finished so... we're not going to be here for communion today...").  

I had brought the weighted lap pad, and it worked really well for about 45 minutes, but our time was up.

It was really, really hard to leave early on Easter... but there really wasn't any alternative.

A long time ago I bought the kids Easter clothes on Zulily and they loved them.  They'll be wearing them for Paul's graduation and then I'll finally cave and let them wear them every single day as dress up clothes... which is what they'd really like to do.  Until then I'm trying to keep them nice!

She found a picture of Jesus and sat and cuddled it and kept putting it down to fold her hands in prayer.
My heart pretty much melted.  Enough that I quickly snapped a picture because I want to remember this moment
forever and ever.

This was the best of the pictures with the kids.  As always, someone's not looking and someone's crying.  It's another holiday classic:

I just had to share these too.  See from the front, you can't really tell my waistline is rapidly expanding.  I actually made it all the way home thinking, "Wow, this dress really hides my bump!  You can't even tell that I'm pregnant."

And then I saw this second photo... I'm definitely still showing from the side, even with the full skirt:

(Linking up with FLAP for WIWS!  For more WIWS click here!)

2. Easter Bunny: thumbs up or thumbs down?


We don't teach the kids that the Easter Bunny is real, just like we don't do Santa in that way, but they still think he's pretty funny, kind of like they thought Winnie the Pooh and Mickie Mouse at Disney World were pretty awesome, and they still got baskets and waited impatiently inside while I hid their eggs.

It's not really something we talk about a lot, just like I don't say "this isn't a real story" when we read a fairy tale, although sometimes Sadie does ask "Is this a real story?" and then happily accepts the answer whether it's a yes or a no.  

And when it was time to search they were thrilled to go out and track down the eggs. 

It was definitely the best egg hunt we've ever had.  All three kids searched for eggs and were putting eggs into their baskets.  Mae only picked up the candy eggs, but within minutes her basket was overflowing and she was carefully rearranging her eggs into the most space efficient arrangement.  Patch got the most real eggs.  He also saw Mae drop and egg and picked it up and chased after her and put it back in her basket:

3. Do you prefer to celebrate holidays at your own house or at someone else's house?

Our own house.  Definitely our own house.  After all, at someone else's house I'm going to do a lot of chasing Maggie down making sure she doesn't break anything.

At our house she's already broken everything that is even vaguely breakable (metal heaters, curtain rods... furniture...), so I don't have to be on my toes 24/7 making sure she hasn't found a new and inventive way to get into trouble.

I mean, even when people say "it's okay, we have kids, there's nothing she can break!" I'm like... "Um... you really haven't seen her in action... She can pretty much scale anything... She can snap metal in two...":
Besides.  I'm kind of a homebody.
4. What is your favorite kind of candy?

Anything chocolate.  Does chocolate count as candy?  Let's go with yes.

And that's why having basically all chocolate banned for the past year because of Patrick's allergies (and the fact that he was nursing) just about did me in.  I have definitely been enjoying having it again since he's been weaned.

But it is the one thing that makes me a little sad about our Easter Baskets.  Two out of three kids can't eat 99% of the chocolate that's out there.  I do have a chocolate bunny hidden for Sadie that I'm going to bring out tonight once they go to bed though!

5. Do you like video games?

Nope.  I knew too many people in high school and college that were complete consumed by them and pretty much stayed inside playing them all the time... and that made me not a fan... 

6. Do you speak another language?

Fluently?  No.  

I'd be okay though if I were scooped up and dumped in quite a few places.

I've taken college classes in Japanese (3 semesters) and isiXhosa (when I was at University of Cape Town and French and Spanish and German and I learned quite a bit of Mandarin (and a tiny bit of Cantonese) through my friends and employers in college (I'd probably say that when I was using them every day I knew more Spanish and Mandarin than any of the others), but after hardly using anything other than Mae's Spanish for the past half decade I'm pretty rusty.  

Although if Mae keeps on insisting that Spanish is her favorite way of communicating I guess I'll have to start picking it up again!

I'm kind of a language junky.  I can't wait until we start working on a second language in our little school.  

Now to get back to the little ruffians.  Mae was so exhausted from all the egg hunting and running around that she's fallen asleep on the living room floor and Patch and Sadie have been watching frozen for the 1,547th time (parenting fail:  When the priest said: "He is Risen."  Sadie responded with: "He is Frozen indeed." because she has Frozen on the brain.)

I hope you had a fantastic first day of Easter! 


  1. One at the Communion rail after the priest said "the Body of Christ"; older dd said "have a nice day." LOL Oh well; they know her there... (did I mention this was a year ago!) I was like "where was your mind then?" and she was like "it just came out of my mouth".Hmmm.

  2. The girls' dresses are great! And congrats on the pregnancy! (I'm a new visitor, so I'm a little late to the party on that one.) Happy Easter!


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