Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Day at the Autism Society of Michigan's 5K for Autism Acceptance

What can I say, when I saw the name of the race, a 5K for Autism Acceptance, I was sold and set out to convince Paul that he absolutely needed to take the morning off of studying, and that Sadie would take the morning off of ballet and that Mae would take the morning off of therapy and we would all head out to a nearby park to take part in the event.

And so we got the kids up and dressed bright and early and bundled them into the car with the old stroller and set off for the park.

At the start line we hung way, way back to let all the runners... and mall walkers... go in front of us.

In the last little bit somebody got pretty tired... but Daddy came to the rescue and carried her part of the way, at least until she spotted the finish line...

The lake that we walked around.
Then she was off again, running to cross the line before her brother and sister (and yes, we were very, very slow... although we weren't quite the last ones to cross!).

Here we are after the race with the little kids enjoying apple juice in their sippy cups.

It was quite the day and it was nice to steal Daddy away from his studies for a couple hours before he got back to work!

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  1. I'm saying an extra prayer to St. Anthony this week for Paul, that he will do excellently on his exams; that he will just happen to study in particular the items that will be on the tests; that he will be able to easily call to mind all the issues and elements that answer the questions in an "A" way!
    St. Anthony, I believe, was instrumental in getting my brother through law school and passing the bar, and so he's my "go-to- saint.
    God Bless. ~ Bonnie


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