Monday, April 7, 2014

Daddy's Shirt

Finals, the final finals, are just around the corner, which means things are extra busy for Paul with presentations and papers.  That of course, means lots of time in the library studying.

Today, Mae was missing Daddy... so she found a shirt that he had worn earlier and brought it to me and demanded  help her put it on.  After that she went and found shoes that she thought matched.  Then she happily began to perform a ballet that went from dancing to running to dancing again.  

And so I had to grab the camera and capture a few pictures.  Some of them weren't blurry (it's such a challenge to get a clear picture of our sweet spinning, prancing ballerina):


  1. I like her choice of shirt. :)

    So adorable!


  2. I love that shirt! GO PATS!!!!

    And how cute that she wanted to wear it to feel close to her Daddy. So sweet!

  3. Good to see she is cheering for the right team!


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