Sunday, April 13, 2014

Answer Me This: #1

The babies are in bed and Sadie's snuggled up next to me watching Magic School Bus and so I thought I'd give Kendra's "Answer Me This?" link up a try!  Here are my answers to this weeks questions!

1. What time do you prefer to go to Mass?

9 am.  Only 9 am.  I have learned that any deviation from going at 9 am is a disaster for one or more of my kids.  Okay, you can probably guess which one... the one that needs routine that does not vary... especially during "non preferred activities."  

Actually it's not entirely true that Mass is a "non preferred activity" for her.  She is practically giddy with excitement walking into Mass.  Then she realizes we are staying in the narthex because of the excited squealing that inevitably occurs if we step inside the doors, and it falls into that category pretty quickly (although for the first five minutes today she was really, really excited that the banners were red and was pointing to them and telling me that they were red).  

To be honest it breaks my heart a little, because I want for her to be able to be in there, since she's becoming so passionate about it, especially during the Children's Mass (when you'd think people wouldn't shoot daggers at you for any tiny sound a kid makes... after all they chose to go to that particular Mass), but she's just not ready to be totally silent yet, and people glaring at her make me feel a little bit stabby (and is at the very least a near occasion of sin), and so the narthex it is for the indefinite future.  And the narthex it is at 9 am or we're in for an hour of crying.  

Sometimes I feel like we'll be in the narthex forever.  And sometimes it makes me feel like we'll never really belong at a parish if we can't even walk in through the doors and kneel down in a pew (I'm probably rambling because this was weighing heavily on my heart today as we struggled through Palm Sunday Mass)...

Which is a long, rambling response to a simple question... but yeah, early morning or we might as well not go at all... because the glass doors can't block out a full blown meltdown, and we'll just end up spending Mass outside.

2. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

Too cold, too cold, 1000 times too cold.  This winter may have been long and icy, but I still remember Florida.  

I was out shoveling snow without a jacket when it was 0 degrees (I was shocked when I got inside and found out it was that cold).  I feel like I kind of adjusted to the temperatures (although anything in the negative teens and below just hurts!).  I never, never adjusted to the heat and humidity of Florida.  

I definitely think I belong in the north rather than the south based on climate alone.

3. How many brothers and/or sisters do you have?

I have one sister, but since she left home around the time I went to kindergarten, so in many ways it was like being an only child... Now I just wish we lived closer so that we would get to see each other more than once every few years!

4. If you were faced with a boggart, what would it turn into?

Well... my number one fear in life is probably Mae wandering (taking off running/getting lost) and so I'm not sure how a boggart would turn into that...

5. Barbie: thumbs up or thumbs down?

Down (ish).

I was totally pro-Barbie when Sadie was born.  Then we got a Barbie DVD and I watched it and I couldn't get over how Barbie's parents (in this particular movie) were portrayed, or how she spoke to them and that was pretty much the end of that (honestly, I can't even remember what movie it was now, other than that it was something princess-y).  I've seen how quickly my kids can start mimicking movies and the level of attitude in that particular DVD is the last thing I want to welcome into our home.

And so far we haven't had a kid that's interested in them since Sadie is generally gravitating towards the princess dolls/dresses whenever we're in a store that has a Barbie/Princess aisle.

There are plenty of other dolls out there... and honestly if another doll never makes it into our house we'll still have too many.

I can think of dolls I'd definitely rather have her playing with!
Besides... it would just be another doll for a baby brother to do something like... this... to...

The crime scene... or, where I found Sadie's Elsa doll tonight.
Our main suspect...
Maybe he's tired of Sadie singing "Let it Go..."

6. If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say?

The longer I'm a parent the less definitive advice I have about pretty much anything... I know there are various things that have worked for us... with varying degrees of success with different kids (and let's face it, most of my advice at this point in my life would probably have to do with kids)... so... I can tell you what has worked for me and hasn't work but... still... this one leaves me stumped!

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  1. Ah yes. Feeling stabby. Been there.

    But now I just sit in the front row so I can't see them. I'm INTJ. I think we lack empathy.

  2. I didn't know you're an INTJ Kendra! I am too! It makes so much sense why I like your blog so much!

    There do seem to be a lot of us in the blogging world!

  3. I grew up in a home with 5 brothers, four of whom were older than me. I understand Patch's vote on Elsa. :-) What he would really like to see (believe it or not, and don't show it to him!) is Kitty Fish eating a mouse! (BTW, oh YUK!) Reminds me of having to say, "Good kitty." while wanting to throw up.
    God Bless. ~ Bonnie
    P.S. Do cats get mouse germs (Hanta virus?) if they eat them? Okay, this may be ridiculous, but I would be rinsing the cat's mouth out with peroxide to keep myself or kids from getting something. Probably just paranoia on my part, because I hate mice so much!

  4. Kitty Fish avoids Patch and Mae, but whenever he is around (usually Kitty makes sure he's on the other side of a baby gate!) Patch will run over and stare at him! I'm sure he would love to see Kitty with a mouse!

    One thing we learned at a doctors visit is I guess the mice here don't carry anything particularly nasty (since I'm from California, Hanta virus was my first worry too). We had a scare when a squirrel or something rodent-y and huge got into the girls room and left droppings on Mae's bed when we first moved here (and Sadie said there had been a squirrel sleeping in Mae's bed... although she'd just turned four so we were really hoping it was just her active imagination!)and public health told us to take her to the doctor but the doctor said that there wasn't anything to worry about because they don't really see any of the things we worry about here at this point, whether it was a mouse or rat or squirrel. I guess that's one good thing about rodents here!


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