Friday, April 25, 2014

14 Weeks...

Okay, okay, I know.  My stomach muscles just don't do what stomach muscles are supposed to do anymore.  They're just like "Pregnancy hormones!  Okay, you win!  We give up!" and turn completely to mush.  

In fairly unbelievable news I stepped on the scale today for the first time in weeks.  I was afraid to look.  I didn't really want to know.  I was waiting for it to tell me we were 20 lbs in at 14 weeks, or something like that.  And it was still hoovering somewhere around 6 lbs.  I'm not sure I believe it.  We'll see at the next doctor's appointment.  

In other news, look:

It's just waiting for my little white sweater!
I had a gift card that I used to get this dress and it arrived in the mail this week and from the front you can basically not see the bump (with the whole hands strategically placed on my waist thing going on).  Then I turn to the side and... well... you've seen the pictures and get the idea.

Now on to week 15.  So far this pregnancy seems to be flying by faster than the others.

On a funny note, today in the checkout line I was by myself and a lady who was in the third trimester started telling me third trimester horror stories and kept saying "you just can't understand until you've been there" and I smiled and laughed and joked along with her and then after about five minutes she said: "because you don't have any kids, right?" and of course I said, "Oh, the first three are outside with their Dad and this one is due in October" and the shock was the same as it was just about every time I hear that question when I'm by myself, and I came away chuckling to myself because horror stories about pregnancy are so much less effective these days.

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