Thursday, April 10, 2014

{phfr} Enjoying the Sunshine Edition


I love looking at this picture and after gazing at it for about ten seconds I realized the reason for Mae's smile.

See her foot?

She's trying to cut in front of her sister and sneak down the slide.

She's also insisting on running around barefoot to feel the still slightly muddy ground under her toes.  I was hoping that would fulfill some sort of sensory seeking need for the day but... can those ever really be fulfilled?  It's like trying to "wear them out" by having them run around outside.  The energy level just keeps going up and up and up...

And of course these are all outtakes from yesterdays t-shirt photo shoot.

If anyone is interested in the t-shirts or the blogger who makes them, the shop is here and her blog, which is one of my all time favorite autism blogs, can be found here.


Patrick was so, so excited to show of his new shirt.

He even forgot that he was outside and should be begging to go back inside at the gate and he actually had fun.

I think at the moment he definitely is the child in the family most likely to be sunburned by walking outside without sunscreen for more than 10 seconds.

Apparently we will be investing in lots of sunscreen this year.


Ah yes.  Trying to get a picture with all of us in one frame with our t-shirts on.

Complete fail.  Can it ever be anything else?

In this picture Sadie is actually trying to squeeze into the middle, while her brother and sister are trying to flop their way out of the picture.  And I was so desperate to have Paul snap something that I didn't realize I'd positioned us directly in front of the composter.

So really, these pictures are all kinds of awesome.

I give up and they instantly run to different corners of the yard. In about 10 seconds Maggie is about to tackle me before I can stand up and roll both of us onto the ground.  Apparently pregnancy balance is setting in.


I think these pictures pretty much show the "real" non-stop movement of most of our days.

And also how Maggie pretty much goes charging off and her siblings follow her (sometimes at least!)!


  1. Visiting from LMLD. Love that you're all in front of the composter- very real! Blessings, Annie

  2. My older dd was a total bundle of energy at that age. But when she turned 11 and hit puberty; she turned into zombie girl and I could barely get her out of bed. We did go through a bout with depression (possibly the removal of her tonsils at age 15 unbalanced her system??) but are back on track now. I know it seems like a million years in the future but time goes fast.


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