Sunday, April 6, 2014

WIWS: Feeling Faint, Lace, the 2nd Trimester and... Potty Training...

It's arrived, the part of pregnancy where I spend all of Mass almost fainting.  At least I look pregnant now.  During the last few pregnancies it's hit earlier and I've felt guilty for not kneeling and even having to sit down suddenly from standing for long periods (aren't Lent and Easter a special challenge for that), but I'm coming to terms with the fact that it's just a fact of pregnancy for me (and for many others).  I try to remind myself of the Catholic OB in the hospital who I spoke with who pretty much forbade me from attempting to kneel during pregnancy since it makes me feel like I'm on the verge of fainting just about 100% of the time.

We didn't make it through all of Mass today.  The homily ran extra long and when the liturgy of the Eucharist hadn't started 50 minutes in and Mae was wild and I was alternating between feeling sick to my stomach and feeling faint I knew we were done (she knew I wasn't quite on my A-game of 3-year old wrangling and was taking full advantage).  We made it to the consecration.  So close, yet so far away.

On the upside (kind of) the feeling overheated and faint when we left the house meant I left the house without a jacket for the first time in months (it was in the 40s when we left this morning).  I wore a dress I found marked down at Meijer when I dared glance into the juniors section (Sadie was thrilled with it) because... lace and a maternity sweater I've had since my first pregnancy.

In other news we've officially crossed into the second trimester.

And in totally unrelated news I'm currently watching a certain child like a hawk and bribing her with chocolate chips to sit on the potty.  I'm not sure we're ready for this yet.  It's something we've been talking with her therapists about trying and this experiment may or may not be fueled by the fact that someone picked up the wrong size pull ups last week and I didn't remember to replace them when we went back to the store.  Anyways... Baby steps.  Her therapy center does run a potty "boot camp" although I don't think we'll be able to attend until after Paul takes the bar, since it's an all day thing.  It would be really, really nice not to have three kids in diapers at the same time come fall.  But if we do, we do.  Sooner or later it will click.

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  1. You look lovely....what a beautiful dress! You are such a cute pregnant mama.

    Just a thought, but have you considered working on potty-training Patrick and then seeing if Mae follows along. I've been potty-training Elsa, and it's going slowly, but she will go on the potty, fairly reliably (for both #1 and #2) if I put her on it. She still wears diapers when we go out, but is pretty much in just thick underwear at home (yes, there are still accidents). She's 18 months, but I started when she was 17 months. Anyways, starting young is sorta a longer, more drawn-out process, but I think you tend to get less resistance that way. It might take them longer to get the hang-of it, but overall it is easier. Just a thought. I wrote a post on what I do here.

  2. I have a feeling it's going to take a good long while too.

    I do wonder if training Patch, or even just trying to, might help, since she does love to copy him.

    So far we did two hours without a pee accident and then I went back to the pull up so that I could make dinner! No actual use of the potty other than sitting on it. But not a total loss because at least she's not acting afraid of her little potty anymore (she's terrified of big potties when we're out... probably because those auto flushers are soooo loud).

  3. My dd was 3 years 3 months when she trained. It was difficult as she had this habit of holding her pee until it was too late. (she still only pees like 2x a day!) Anyway I just kept at it and had little potties on every floor of the house and made sure they were in the room I was in. Eventually she started going on her own!! I do believe that language delay and later toilet training are linked.

  4. Holding it is something I think we're definitely facing too! I'm hoping if we do a couple hours a day every day maybe it will start sinking in. And she really, really seems to like the characters on her "big girl pants" which I'm hoping will be extra motivation!

  5. I love that lacy cream dress. You look lovely.

  6. I was talking with a pregnant friend just this weekend and I was SO relieved to find that I wasn't the only one who spends the majority of Mass sitting. Reading your post makes me think that it really is a common thing. :) And yes, kneeling is particularly hard for whatever reason. My lungs feel pretty much pushed completely out of the way for that expanding uterus.

  7. It's so common Clare, so definitely don't feel badly about it! When I wrote a post on it during my last pregnancy so many women responded and said the exact same thing!


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