Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Prep: Baskets, Eggs and an Out of Control Cat

Last year I poured a lot of thought into the Easter Baskets... this year I went down to the basement and found a few gifts I'd collected over the past few months during really good sales and was just thankful that I could find an even amount for everyone.  Somewhere around here are some beautiful holy cards I wanted to add in to, but I just couldn't' find them tonight.  

Here are the finished baskets:

Sadie will find a My Little Pony, a magnetic story telling board, a small coloring book, and 1 stick of jelly candies.
Mae will find a My Little Pony, magnetic mermaid wooden dolls, a small coloring book, and a stick of jelly candies.
And Patch will find a electronic toy "book," a soft backpack with little play school supplies in it, a small coloring book, and a stick of jelly candies. 
 After I put the babies to bed, Sadie and I dyed the eggs for tomorrow's egg hunt in the backyard:

 Then it was off to bed for her so that Kittyfish and I could throw together the baskets:

As you can imagine, Kittyfish was a big help.  Until he completely lost his mind and started tearing around the room:

The sun is down and I imagine many of you are at the Vigil Mass now or on your way home from it!

Happy Easter!  I think I'm going to call it a night soon so that I can at least make an honest attempt at keeping up with the kids tomorrow!

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