Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Long Day of Driving

I just have time for a quick post. I'm so sleepy these days that my new bedtime seems to be 8:00 and it's almost half past eight right now. Sadie is finally asleep, she had a tough time drifting off and seemed preoccupied with where each of her stuffed animals was, probably because we're in a hotel room.

We left the house at half past nine this morning and headed south. We're headed to Point Lobos for my grandmother's memorial service on Thursday and decided to take the long drive down in two parts for Sadie's sake. Sadie managed to stay awake for the first three hours and after a gleeful lunch at KFC (gleeful because there was a pack of feral cats outside the window) she got back in her car seat and fell asleep, just before we got to the gas station we'd planned on stopping at. After quietly getting gas we were back on the road...

Less than an hour later, Sadie was awake. I don't know why, but she's only taking one very short nap these days (please don't tell me she's outgrowing them and that our napping days are drawing to a close!). We had made it to Stockton by then, but we were hoping to get even further....so.... I pulled out Grumpa's portable DVD player and popped in a Wonder Pets DVD. Bingo. Sadie's eyes were glued on the tiny screen. She sat silently for the next sixty miles and probably could have made it all the way to the ocean. Instead we stopped for the night in the Central Valley. Tomorrow we'll head over to the coast. We should get there pretty early! We're only an hour and a half away right now.

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