Monday, November 9, 2009

Cute Story to Start The Day

And here's a funny story to start your day:

We were just downstairs at Nani's house with Sadie and, as it's early morning, I was a little queasy and went to get a rice cake out of the kitchen. Nani was talking with Sadie in the other room and asked Sadie "Does Mommy have a baby growing in her tummy?"

Sadie, who hardly talks at all (she surprises us by saying something like "bunny" or "duck" every once in a while, but hasn't said "no" since she said it when she was six months old at Christmas... side story: we got it on camera, I had just asked her if she was playing with her feet, she was and she said "no") had an answer to Nani's question. In a little clear voice she said "no!"

I came back in the room and Nani asked her "well where's the baby if it's not in Mommy's tummy?" Sadie looked at her with a serious little frown and pointed to her own tummy. Nani asked her a second time to see if that was really what she meant and she made the same motion, pointing at her stomach.

She was also lugging her doll around last night and kissing it's face repeatedly (she's more of a tractor type girl, so it's notable!) so she understands some part of what we've all been talking about.

Apparently she thinks the baby's in her tummy though! She was so serious!

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