Monday, November 2, 2009

A Little Good Followed by A Lot of Evil...

This story, on Catholic Online, made my entire day!

BRYAN, Texas ( - "The director of the Texas Planned Parenthood abortion mill where the 40 Days for Life campaign began has resigned, saying she experienced a conversion after watching an ultrasound video of a child being killed by abortion.

"I just thought I can't do this anymore, and it was just like a flash that hit me and I thought that's it," said Abby Johnson in an interview with local news network KBTX 3.

Johnson had been affiliated with Bryan's Planned Parenthood facility for eight years, and worked as its director for two. She said she began to feel uncomfortable with Planned Parenthood's business philosophy after the organization, suffering from the economic downturn, told her to try to bring more abortions in the door. "The money wasn't in family planning, the money wasn't in prevention, the money was in abortion and so I had a problem with that," said Johnson.

But the turning point for Johnson was reportedly when she witnessed an actual ultrasound image of an abortion being performed on an unborn child. "

Read full story here.
It's wonderful to see a woman involved in such a horrible field realizing the evil of abortion and recognizing the lies she had been telling herself for years and then actually following her conscience and speaking out!

On the other hand this article shows that the battle is far from being won and that we must continue to fight for the rights of unborn children.

"The bills before congress fail to meet the nonnegotiable obligation to protect the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. Rather than protect our children who have a basic right to health care – which certainly includes the right to life – Congress has, time and again, insisted on advancing the morally bankrupt legalized "right" to abortion, which is the intentional killing of our precious, innocent children. Further, with pernicious aspirations to expand their attack on life, these same politicians intend to force Americans to pay for the barbaric deeds of abortion.
Let’s be clear: pro-abortion politicians, with obdurate persistence, are committed to funding abortions with tax-payer dollars; they are aligned with Planned Parenthood, an abortion institution that is vehemently opposed to any restrictions limiting the intentional killing of the unborn; and they have consistently, throughout their terms in office, voted against protecting the lives of our young brethren. These public officials have every intent to publicly fund the death of God’s newly created. The proposed "public option" health care plan is the means these politicians will use in order to execute their agenda.

And what is this agenda? It is one which seeks to establish a new global ethic; one where the most heinous crimes imaginable are legal and publicly funded; one where killing innocent persons is elevated to a "right" which is, according to the adopted ideologies of its adherents, inviolable. It is a non-ethic ethic; one where freedom of an evil 'choice' trumps the fundamental first right to life. It's blatant, open immorality that, through the use of clever rhetoric and propaganda, is falsely characterized as "compassion", "freedom", and "women’s reproductive care"."

And for your daily dose of dumb a quote a rant from an abortion provider who seems to heap all pro-lifers into one, evil category (yeah, right... in what twisted reality are the people who kill babies everyday the "good guys"? The word "delusional" comes to mind.):

"I guess my point is that none of us will tolerate your scare tactics. And in the long run they aren't doing anything but creating more negative energy in the world."

All I could think when I read this line was that this woman kills babies every single day, and she thinks pro-lifers are "creating more negative energy." I can't think of many things more negative (or downright evil) than killing innocent children.

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