Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One Tough Bunny

Sadie is one tough little kid. She had a clumsy day today that involved sitting down and playing next to a doll house that she had knocked over (the fischer price one for little ones) and then getting into a crawling position and looking at it. Suddenly in a completely unexpected move that horrified Nani and I she let go with both hands and face planted into the doll house. We both jumped up, expecting a scream and tears. Instead she pushed herself back up and wrinkled her nose (I was looking for blood because she hit hard). She was a little surprised and kept moving her nose around like a tiny bunny and then, without making a peep went back to playing.

Sadie's tears when she does fall down are usually directly related to how sleepy she is. When she isn't tired or in desperate need of a nap she doesn't cry. She falls down, gets back up, and keeps racing around the room. I'd like to strap pillows onto her with bungie cords, because she could use some padding as she smashes around the house, or scarier still, outside.

I wonder when the sense of balance start to improve or if this is just a sign that she's going to take after her two clumsy parents.

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