Monday, November 9, 2009

The Baby's Where?!?!?!

Sadie is a little confused. It started this morning when we came up from the cabin to visit Nani and Grumpa. I was feeling a little sick and went to get a rice cake to help my stomach calm down a bit and Nani took Sadie. Nani was talking with Sadie and asked her if Mommy has a baby in her tummy. Sadie looked at Nani and, in her perfect, clear little voice, said "no!"

Sadie is not one of those toddlers (so far) who says "no" to every question. In fact, she's much more likely to respond with a "yeah" answer when you ask her something. "Sadie are you ready to get down off Mommy's lap and play?" "Yeah!" "Do you want to eat breakfast?" "Yeah!" "Is it time for your bath?" "Yeah." The last time anyone remembers her saying no was on Christmas morning, when she was six months old and we were recording her playing under the tree. She was laying on her back playing with her feet and I said, "Sadie are you playing with your feet?" In her little, clear voice she said "no!" and went on playing. So Nani was surprised when Sadie said "no!" to her question.

I came back into the room in time for the next question, which was, where is the baby? Sadie looked very serious and pointed to her own stomach. She's been doing this throughout the day. She even did it when I asked her where the picture of "tiny baby Sadie" is. She loves pointing out this particular picture, and does so every day. It's the one that was taken in the hospital and it's framed in Nani's living room opposite the TV. Now when asked the question she gets a determined little look and points again at her belly button.

It's funny, because we've been talking about how she's going to be a big sister, and she definitely gets the idea that something is going on. She's taken an interest in her dolls (and she's a tractor girl, so that's unusual) and has been given her baby Abby wet kisses.

Something, however, has been lost in translation.

Her other new phrase is used when she wants to nurse. She says "num, num Mama!" Once she was a little more creative and said "ba-ba" when she was hungry. We figured out that this is because she has a book that says "hungry baby says, 'ba-ba'" and Sadie, who hasn't had a bottle since I realized how colicky they made her when she was about a month old (I tried to use them on a road trip and it was a disaster!), thinks that "ba ba" is another word for hunger, rather than the word for "bottle." She's a smart little princess though and knows that if she's hungry the book says the word is "ba ba"!

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