Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Lil' Angel

Sadie loved going into town for the kid's fair and the walk through the historic district of town trick-0r-treating. She had never seen so many kids in one place at one time and she was even more surprised that they were all dressed up! There were little princess and little unicorns and one little, scruffy looking pirate that she took a particular interest in and would have followed around all night if we'd let her.

She has also really got the lollipop thing down! She's even figured out that she can chew through the paper on lollipops pretty quickly and spent our trick-or-treating walk up and down Main Street fishing in her bucket trying to sneak another lollipop into her mouth. I'm not sure our fun in town and the pizza we had afterwards (and even watching the almost full moon out the car window on the way home) could compare with what she saw when we got home.

Football. USC was playing Oregon.

Sadie was in heaven and repeatedly made the goalposts sign before collapsing on the ground and giggling. And Grumpa was happy because he always likes to see USC lose and it's even better if they lose by a lot (which was what was happening when we came down to the cabin!). Sadie was just too exhausted to stay up and see who was going to win (and it seemed pretty obvious).

So now the little angel is fast asleep, dreaming sweet little lollipop dreams. Hopefully in her dreams she actually gets to keep the lollipops!

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