Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Real Chuck E Cheese?

Sadie has been pointing to the picture of Chuck E Cheese of the refrigerator for weeks. She smiles and giggles when she sees the cartoon mouse. her entire face lights up.

So today we decided to stop by Chuck E Cheese to take a break from our shopping. It's great to go on a weekday for an early lunch because there's hardly anyone there, usually just a couple of parents with toddlers or preschoolers.

I took Sadie straight over to her favorite ride, which is a car with a statue of Chuck E in the passenger seat, that snaps a picture a few seconds after you start it. The pictures taken are some of the ones we have on the refrigerator and during the last few trips there it has been Sadie's favorite ride.

Today it started out as her favorite ride and then.... Sadie realized something. She looked at the Chuck E Cheese statue on stage and raced over to see him. He moves and talks. We came back to the car ride and she examined the Chuck E statue, who has been her buddy for the past month, and she was horrified to discover that he wasn't even real! He doesn't move. He doesn't talk. She touched him mouth! He wasn't even soft like a mouse.

After that she would have nothing to do with him! When I asked her where Chuck E was she would turn in the opposite direction and point at the Chuck E on stage. So much for her favorite ride! I'm hoping she's forgiven the Chuck E statue for not talking by our next trip to pizza. I love getting the cute little polaroid shots for twenty five cents and they aren't nearly as cute when she's mad at Chuck E!

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