Friday, November 13, 2009

Sadie Meets Her First Bully

Sadie met her first play ground bully today. I think she was a little shocked. Particularly since the girl had three or four years on Sadie and probably should have been in school. Instead she was at a playground with her dad (so maybe she was a tall four year old...).

Anyways, the first thing I have to say is that I was the only parent at the playground actually watching my child. ALL of the other parents were too busy text messaging on their blackberries to so much as glance up and see what their little ones were up to. I think there could have been a brawl in the pre-school play area and some of the parents would have sat, eyes glued on their phones, clicking away, without so much as glancing up.

Our little playground bully in particular was running wild. She was climbing up on all the little kids' toys and then launching herself through the air, nearly knocking the littler kids over with each swoop. Sadie mostly stayed out of her way as she sprinted back and forth from one side of the playground to the other, giggling. Then the little girl climbed to the top of a slide, stood up and started dancing (these are little, soft slides for little kids. Sadie stopped next to it to watch. And the little girl turned around, looked at her and said "Hey little kid, get away from this slide! I'm playing on it!" I was already headed over, worried that she was going to slip and come crashing down on Sadie, and I convinced Sadie to come over and play on the big soft bear toy. Sadie was still pretty happy and was about to give the bear a big kiss when the little girl followed her over to the bear to claim it as her toy too. And that's when we decided it was time to leave the playground to play on the Bob the Builder Tractor.

Nothing is better than riding the Bob the Builder Tractor, even at 75 cents a ride. Sadie completely forgot about the playground as she steered her tractor "around" the mall (okay, it stationary, but she really thinks she's driving it around the mall)!

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