Monday, November 23, 2009

Representative Kennedy Lies About Order from Bishop Tobin

When I showed my husband my "Bishop of the Week" post yesterday he scanned the article and then wondered aloud at the timing. Many democrats are very upset about the influence the Bishops have had in blocking federal abortion funding these past few weeks. Was this simply a ploy by Kennedy to attempt to make the Bishop look bad in the press?

It seems that it was.

Today it was released that the letter from Bishop Tobin to Representative Kennedy, requesting that he refrain from receiving the Eucharist, was written in 2007. Why is Kennedy suddenly bringing up (and twisting) a letter that was written nearly three years ago? Because it's politically expedient. Representative Kennedy would do whatever he can to make the Catholic Church look bad, because he (very publicly) disagrees with the Church's teachings. His statements this week are quite simply a continuation of his earlier attacks on the Church. Here's the latest from the AP:

Providence bishop disputes Kennedy’s take on Communion message
By John E. Mulligan

Journal Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin on Sunday disputed key details of Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy’s account of their 2007 communication about whether the congressman should take Communion, given his support for abortion rights.

The leader of Rhode Island’s Catholics criticized the timing of Kennedy’s decision to publicize what the bishop called a private, “pastoral” message. He termed “absolutely inaccurate” Kennedy’s assertion that the bishop had instructed the priests of Rhode Island not to give him Communion.

“If I had told 300 priests of the diocese in any format not to give Communion to Kennedy or anybody else, you think that would have remained confidential?” Bishop Tobin asked.

Bishop Tobin spoke in an interview after Kennedy’s assertion in The Providence Sunday Journal that the “bishop instructed me not to take Communion and said that he has instructed the diocesan priests not to give me Communion.”

“If he took it as an instruction, so be it, but it was really a request,” Bishop Tobin said upon releasing excerpts of a Feb. 21, 2007, letter to the Rhode Island Democrat. The bishop said he felt he had to comment on the letter because Kennedy had chosen to “break it open.”

“My correspondence with him was nearly three years ago — and I think it’s important to stress that — [and] was intended to be personal and confidential and pastoral,” the bishop said. “It was never intended for the public domain.”

Read Entire Story Here.

Can we really be surprised that Kennedy is doing something slimy and twisting the truth for his own ends?

I'm not. This is a man who regularly defends the killing of unborn children. Anyone who defends wholesale murder on a daily basis is likely to have no problem lying to make himself look good.

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