Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pictures of the Hair Cut (Kind of)

I tried to take a picture of Sadie's haircut, but she just wasn't cooperating! She was much too busy reading, or moving her books, or running away from the camera! Here's what I could get- you can kind of see her it (I only trimmed the bangs, I'm letting the curls go totally wild):

If I don't look up, you can't take my picture!

Mommy, PLEASE... I'm reading about fire trucks! I don't have time for pictures for your blog!

Shouldn't you put that camera away? I need to get my sweater on to go to Mass!


  1. Aw she is so cute! I love the dress :)

  2. What an adorable little bookworm! Do you take Sadie to daily mass? How often? I would like to go to daily mass, but I also don't want to overexpose my child to the point where she does not appreciate the mystery and beauty of the mass before she is capable of understanding it either. Plus she is really, really loud :). Not trying to criticize, just trying to discern for myself if daily mass is appropriate. Any thoughts?

  3. Thanks Allison! I love the sales at Kohl's! They have the cutest dresses!

    Hi Maria-

    We don't go everyday. We usually go twice a week, on Sunday and Tuesday, although sometimes we go three times. She's pretty good at Sunday Mass, but she usually does better at daily Mass, I think because she knows it's going to be shorter. I wonder if it's also because we sit up closer and she can see everything without the crowd, something I wouldn't dare doing on Sunday, because every time we try it ends up being a time when I need to rush out with her screaming! If we end up moving into town when the new baby's born and the apartment's near the Church, we might try to go more often, but I'm definitely going to see how it goes first! I think at this point she likes all the attention she gets afterwards!


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