Friday, November 6, 2009


This has been a very exciting week. Earlier this week we decided to take a little test to see if God had decided to add to our family. The result came back as an immediate positive! It was almost an hour later that I realized that the date, November 3rd, was the same date, two years earlier that I had learned that I was expecting Sadie!

We are so thrilled that we have been blessed with another little one!

And that got me looking back through the old pregnancy and baby pics from the last time around. Here's a little sample of what I found...

This picture was taken at 12 weeks and I thought that I was HUGE with my tiny bump! Boy, was I in for a surprise for what huge was actually going to feel like.

Here's midway through!

And this one is at 33 weeks. I was still 7 weeks away from having the baby (my water broke on my due date!) and people were already asking if I was having twins, every single day (nope, just one very large little girl).

Here she is: 9 lbs 4 oz and 22 inches tall.

Here we are recovering down in the pediatric wing because the OB floor upstairs was full!

Sadie and her little brother or sister will be just over two years apart!

If my charts are right the new baby's due date should be July 13th, 2010! We can't wait to meet this little one! I am so excited!


  1. Wow, that is so exciting!!! I am so happy for you and your family! I can't wait to have number two also, now that my baby is not a baby anymore. Except for a miracle, we can only have children through adoption. I'll be praying that your pregnancy goes well. Are you going to find out the gender or are you going to wait? November 3rd is the feastday of St. Martin de Porres, my husband's confirmation saint. You must have a special connection to him :).

  2. Hi Maria-
    Thanks! I think we will find out! My husband and I are awful at waiting and we can hardly wait to see if it's going to be a boy or a girl. I asked him this time if he wanted to wait to find out (hoping he'd say no!) and he said no way! It's great to know about St. Martin de Porres too, because it's definitely a special day for us!

  3. Ahhh!!! I sincerely hope you have the new little one on July 13th! That's one of the best dates! It's my birthday ;)

    Like I said on my blog, Congrats! And I hope you have a smooth and healthy pregnancy!

  4. Congratulations - wonderful news! I'll pray that all goes well (and that MediCal comes through for you.)

  5. Congratulations you two! I remember not too long ago you mentioned that someone said that once you got back to your pre-pregnancy weight you'd end up pregnant again. Looks like she was right, lol. Oh well, it's worth it, right? :)

    Have you thought of names yet?

  6. Oh! Congratulations! That is so wonderful, babies are just the best thing in the world!

  7. Felicitaciones!!! That's so wonderful! I'll be keeping all four of you in my prayers :)

  8. Hooray! Congratulations!!! Praying you have a safe pregnancy and delivery, and a healthy baby and Mum!

    So your fellow parishoners were right...!

  9. Wonderful! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.

    A week ago I also found out I am pregnant :-) I'm due on 7th July. Can't wait.

  10. Thanks Everyone! We are thrilled! And congratulations Natasa! How exciting!

    The funny thing is the rumors were true and I didn't even know it! A lot of people at Church have been saying that I'm pregnant (actually now that I think of it, it WAS before I was pregnant by my charting!) and we've been denying it, because at the time I wasn't! Oh well, everyone is going to be excited to have another parish baby, because we're one of the only young families at our parish!

  11. Congrats from St. Louis! You had the cutest baby bump ever, my sister-in-law looks the same way, when she turns around you would never know she is pregnant and then whoa, there's here little basketball in front!

  12. Oh, how wonderful! Congratulations!

  13. Cam,

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I was so thrilled to see your news :) Many blessings!

  14. Congratulations, Cam! I'm happy and excited for you! Ah, I remember those days (my "babies are now 21, 19 and 15). God bless you and your expanding family!



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