Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Energizer Bunny

Sadie is running right now. She sprints from the living room, into the kitchen, around through the dining room into the front hallway and then makes a last sprint by the bookshelf before making her way back into the living room where everyone is watching Wheel of Fortune. She leaves a mini path of destruction in her path, trailing board books, toys and occasionally a dish towel, behind her.

The tables and counters are no longer high enough to deter her grabby little hands and if a surface is too high, she's willing to climb to get what she wants. The other day I watched as she (quickly) launched herself up onto a chair and stood, grabbing hold of the tv and trying to hoist herself up onto the tv stand so that she could lower herself into her bassinet/toy bin to go after the cat who had taken refuge there. I jumped up when I saw her plan unfolding and stopped her just before a major accident occurred.

Today Sadie's favorite game was peekaboo. She would run up behind me when I was sitting on the floor and hide behind my back and then giggle hysterically while I pretended to "look" for her. She actually managed to stay quite for about three seconds a couple times, and then she'd giggle and start tugging on my shirt before completely falling over on a pile of pillows, only to start the game over again a few seconds later.

Sadie had a little time away from Mommy today when I went to the a doctor's appointment (to confirm that Sadie's going to be a big sister for the insurance). I don't think she even knew that I was gone (and it was confirmed!)!

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