Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Head Covering of the Week

Now that fall is upon us I've put away this hat until the sunny weather returns. It was however, the covering that really helped me get comfortable covering during Mass. I wore this hat for most of the spring (we sit in the back on Sunday's so that we can stand with Sadie if she's fussy, which means that I'm not blocking anyone's view) and for some reason I didn't feel like it stood out as much as a veil. That's kind of strange when I look at it in pictures, because it's so much bigger than a veil! Regardless of the reason, when I wear veils, snoods and scarfs these days I feel much more comfortable. And that makes this one of my favorite hats (and it was on sale at Target!).


  1. Have you ever checked out the website:
    It is a Jewish based site, but I love the scarves they offer and they show different ways of wearing them on your head as well! They are beautiful in themselves but are also feminine as head coverings. Some of the colors may be a little distracting to wear to a Mass, but for everyday use, they're great!

  2. Off topic but you won a blog award at my site.. will be up tomorrow morning (scheduled).

  3. I really wrestled with the "what type of covering should I use" issue. I thought about hats, instead of a mantilla. Then I wondered if people would be distracted by hats. Then I wondered why I would hide what I was really doing. Why would I hide my attempt to be obedient? Why was I ashamed of the outward sign of my submission to God's authority? I gave myself a kick in the butt, and braced myself. I started out with a chapel veil, but I got asked (by a niece) why I had a doilie on my head. I figured, just go all out, so I put the mantilla on.

    I also figured that a good dose of humility (not humiliation) would probably be good for me, anyway!

    Funny, though. I have one foot in my parish where I'm registered (spent half my life there) and one foot at another parish (where I spent the other half). One is known to be Charismatic (1 out of 3 Masses), the other is "traditional." I wear the mantilla to the traditional parish, even though I'm the only one who does on Sunday, other than maybe three gray haired ladies who wear chapel veils. (First Fridays get the veiled ladies). I've never had the nerve to wear my mantilla to my Charismatic parish. I wear a crocheted beret. (Chicken). Go figure.


  4. I like wide brimmed hats for sunny days and outdoors, and have gotten to wear I feel more "uncomfortable" wearing them indoors now! (as opposed to headscarves, etc.). I also really like your series of headcoverings - how wonderful that you can share! :)

  5. Hi Andrea-
    What a great site! I'd never seen it before. Thanks for the link. I think I'll have to post it on my site again to make sure everyone sees it. It has great prices too!

  6. Hi Maria-
    I think if I went to a parish where more women wore headcoverings I would have leaned more towards the chapel veil initially. Right now I go back and forth based on functionality. I like hats because I can put them on quickly when I'm in a hurry and Sadie can yank at them and they usually stay in place. On the other hand, I have two mantillas in my purse all the time and they're so portable. Lately though I've been so in love with my snood (which probably counts as closer to a mantilla) that I've been wearing it a lot! And of course, now that it's cold all my knit caps are coming out. I think I like all the winter options even better than the spring ones!

  7. Hi Lisa-
    Thanks! I have found myself feeling more and more comfortable with mantillas and chapel veils and scarves and snoods lately. It took a little bit of time, and I'm not sure when the change happened, but I've been noticing it more and more lately. I think it might be because of my blogging about it so much!


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