Sunday, November 22, 2009

Outfit of the Week

This weeks Outfit of the Week comes a day late because the battery in my camera was dead and Sadie went into a full out fuss when she thought I was going to put her down to try and find the charger (it was right around bedtime). Putting this outfit together last week showed me that finding appropriate clothing for a memorial service isn't all that easy sometimes.

The challenge was pretty typical. Every dress that I found was either too short or too low cut (or strapless). I finally compromised and layered (that always seems to be the solution these days). I found a cable knit sweater "dress" at Old Navy and fell in love. It wasn't long enough to wear as a dress (in my humble opinion) but I began searching for the second half of my outfit. I found it in the clearance section. A long, strapless black sport knit dress left over from summer. I tried on the small (they only had a small and a XL) and amazingly it fit perfectly (I am not a small these days, for the record). I put the dress over it and was perfectly covered. My black snood didn't make it in time, but I did put in the order at the last minute. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

I was a little surprised to see pretty much everyone at the Memorial Service for my grandmother dressed like they were going to a picnic. It was on a boat, so I expected people to be bundled up (I wore tights and a jacket and was a little too warm once the sea sickness set in) but I didn't expect such casual attire (and my immediate family was the one who handled the plans so I know there weren't instructions to "dress casually"). I believe it was even more casual than the status quo at most Masses these days. Maybe I'm just old fashioned (okay, I know, I am) but I find that odd. And I was the ONLY person who wore black (my immediate family wore dark grey and Paul wore black pants, but everyone else was colorful, again, like they were going to a picnic). It's just strange to me!

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  1. The same thing happened at calling hours for my husband's great-grandmother. I wore all black, and a skirt, and husband wore a proper black suit and tie. However, his mother was in bright orange, and his grandmother was in red. A lot of the other great and great great grandkids were wearing jeans and sneakers. I was raised with Emily Post-era etiquette, and it still shocks me what people consider okay to wear in certain social situations.


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