Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sadie's Second Football Game

Sadie got to go to her second high school football game tonight and she made it all the way through halftime before we went home. She would have made it longer, but between the morning sickness and the cold I wasn't feeling great and we decided to call it a night. Sadie may have been a little disappointed! She was excited to drive home with the moon roof open on the car though so that she could see the moon. It's been so foggy around here at nights that the moon has rings around it and while Sadie's already pretty obsessed with the moon as it is, the rings make it even better.

Sadie had an appointment down at the Health Department today, where we got our H1N1 vaccines and they weighed her and checked her height again. She's still 30 lbs (the same weight she was at her 1 year appointment but now she's 31.6 inches (we think she is at least, she could be taller, because she was not thrilled about the measurements and fought tooth and nail to get off the measuring machine). The people at the Health Department are so nice and I'm definitely going to think about taking Sadie and the baby there for future vaccines (which would save a ton too). Now it's time to get a little sleep before the baby bunny wakes up again!

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  1. Wow! Good for you guys. I'm in the same boat with the morning sickness. It's horrible! I never had it with my first.
    I don't know how well you know football but I didn't know it very well until I read this book called, A Sportscaster's Guide to Watching Football by Mark Oristano.
    It's perfectly written for the novice like me to understand football.
    Now I can talk with my football mom friends and measure up and know what they are saying. I never knew what a 1st down was or how they got one or the point of the downs...but now I do! Thanks to this book.
    Hope you feel better soon and hopefully this book will help you or someone else out!!


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