Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cam's Barber Shop

Sadie looks happy in this picture, with her hair pulled back, but she's actually plotting. See, she has a hair tie in her hair and she absolutely hates hair ties. She's waiting for me to look away so she can rip it out and throw it onto the floor. This is also very sad, because one of my friends makes and sells beautiful bows and I would love for Sadie to wear them. In fact, she made all the bows that you see in old pictures of Sadie that I post on here (I'll post a couple today), and true to her promise they stay put with very little hair.

Unfortunately Sadie now has dexterous little hands that are adept at removing any bow or clip or hair tie. If a hair tie makes it in her hair for ten minutes it's a record. This particular hair tie is the world champion holder, at just over an hour. I put on a DVD of the Wonder Pets and let Sadie watch it (she adores the Wonder Pets because of all the singing) just so I could get a hair tie into her hair. This has been a crucial daily mission lately. You see, her hair was hanging about two inches into her eyes. It was close to being able to tuck behind her ear, but not quite there yet.

I was hoping it would grow out and I could start pulling it back again (or better yet, using the bows again, because they are awfully cute). I even tried to convince her, in front of the mirror, how cute she looks in her bows. She is convinced. She smiles and giggles when she sees a bow in her hair, but as soon as we go into the other room her hand is on her head because she wants to look at the bow, and looking at the bow involves ripping it out.

Instead I broke down yesterday and gave Sadie her first hair cut. Our house is turning into quite the little salon/barber shop. I gave Paul a hair cut (my second ever) earlier this week. I'm getting quicker, although I was a bit nervous because we went all the way down to a four (on the clipper comb) on top and that felt very, very short when I was cutting his hair.

I've seen Paul be unhappy with quite a few hair cuts, so I'm still nervous when I cut his hair, but so far he's seemed to think I'm doing a good job and has like the final result. And it's saved us $20 in the last month. I figure at the rate his hair grows it will save us between $100 and $200 a year, and the barber we used to go to was pretty affordable.

Sadie's hair on the other hand was a little bit more difficult. She was asleep (the only time she holds still for long enough for me to get near her with scissors) and while I was just trimming a pinch of her bangs I think the clipper cuts are easier! Everyone has been reassuring me that it looks much better and I'll try to remember to load pictures onto the computer tomorrow. It certainly makes her look older with her slightly straight bangs (they haven't all grown in yet, so totally straight bangs is out of the question!).

I would say that cutting everyone's hair at home is a great way to save a little extra money. Especially is you have a husband whose hair grows so fast he needs a haircut every few weeks!

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  1. My little girl was born with a big shock of hair. We have always struggled to keep her hair up and out of her eyes. I really want to grow it long, although there are times when it is tempting to just cut it. Susi always takes out her hairbands and I put them back in again. It is a constant struggle, but I have not given up yet.
    I admire that you cut your husband's hair. I am not that brave (yet!). I am not sure if I will cut my daughter's hair or take her to a barber. I can't even imagine her sitting that still long enough to cut it.


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