Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Hamper

Sadie's favorite toy these days is the laundry basket that I use to fold the laundry in an carry it upstairs to put away. I left it empty on the floor of her play room and she has commandeered it and turned it into the centerpiece of most of her play time upstairs. She likes to get into it with two buckets, one of which we fill with puzzle pieces and the Saint cards that she got for Halloween. She then sits in the hamper and moves the pieces and cards from one bucket to the other. Sometimes she dumps them into the hamper around her and then picks them back up again. I don't exactly understand the game, but she assures me that it is absolutely fantastic AND a LOT of fun. She certainly has quite the imagination.

Tomorrow is going to be a very big day. Sadie is finally going to get to see her first live, in person, football game. Our local team is playing their cross state rivals (that's what happens when you live in a rural area, you're teams rivals live over two hours away, each way). The bus ride for the other team gives our team a real advantage during home games, although it also gives them a disadvantage at away games. She'll finally get to use her "touchdown" arms while watching a game in person. This ought to be fun to watch!

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