Monday, November 23, 2009

The Baby Bull

Sadie and I are sick today. We're hoping tomorrow will be better but if it's not I think we'll make an appointment at the clinic because it hurts to swallow and has for a couple of days. I was hoping it was just because the hotel air was so dry with the air conditioning, but I'm afraid that was just denial. We have caught a bug. And it is a sore throat type of bug. At least we know we have already had the H1N1 vaccine. That does make me feel a little bit better (actually it makes me feel a lot better).

Sadie did have a lot of fun acting like a little bull yesterday. She got the idea from playing with one of her cousins with his sweatshirt and now whenever she sees someone take off their sweater or sweatshirt she starts to giggle hysterically. She'll head for it full speed like a bull running after a matadors cape, giggling non-stop and closing her eyes when she runs by. We have to stop her from running into furniture constantly, because she gets so excited. The first time she did it to Nani, Nani wasn't sure what she was doing and was just trying to put her sweatshirt away and Sadie kept trying to pull it down with her hands while shrieking and running circles around Nani trying to run past her shirt.

Speaking of running in circles, that is another favorite Sadie event. She thinks that it's hilarious to run around in circles until she falls down. And she's been trying to do somersaults (no idea where she got the idea for this and I don't like it because she's so little it looks like she's hurting herself, but she puts her head down like she's going to flip over and giggles). She just never stops moving!

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