Monday, November 16, 2009

A Not So Awful Day (Unless You Ask Sadie)

From Sadie's Point of View:

Today was a pretty fun day, but then Mommy had to go and spoil it with a trip into town tonight. I thought that the trip into town was going to be fun. Mommy let me bring Ming Ming, the Wonder Pet duck that says "this is serious" and I sat in the back in my big girl seat and tried to kick the back of Nani's seat, which doesn't work because when she drives the seat is further forward than when Grumpa drives. I can always give Grumpa's seat a good kick to make him say "who's kicking my seat!"

We got to a building that I recognized and it seemed like we were going to have some fun. There were a lot of people there and most of those people had kids with them. I knew exactly where all the toys are in this place, so I headed over to the table with all the toys and showed a little blonde boy how they worked. He just watched me though. Mommy was standing in a line, but Nani came over and helped me play and kept me from making the little boy cry by taking the toys in front of him (he was older than me! but I was quite a bit bigger). More and more people kept coming into the room and standing in the line and pretty soon it was filled all the way to the door! Then a door at the other end opened and Nani said we had to go and she took me over to stand by Mommy.

This is where things get bad. All the sudden I heard it. Kids crying. Babies crying. Then the big boy in front of me started panicking and screaming. I started wondering where Mommy had brought me! What did these kids know that I didn't know! I was rightfully concerned. We finally get to the front of the line and Mommy, who is usually pretty smart, looks at me and says the craziest thing. She says "okay Sadie, now watch Mommy, she's going to get a shot." And that's when I realize why we're here. Mommy smiles while she gets her shot and then tries to roll up my pant leg and I realize she thinks I'm going to get a shot too! So I start to scream to let her and everyone else know that she's crazy. And they give me the shot anyway!

To make matters worse after dinner (which was mac and cheese, which almost made up for the whole shot debacle) Mommy announced that tonight we're going to wash my hair! She knows I hate washing my hair! Tomorrow is definitely going to be better though! There's no way Mommy could top taking me to get a shot and washing my hair in one day, EVER!

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