Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sadie brought Robbie into the pillow house today for a ride. She doesn’t seem to realize that stacking pillows and putting a giant rubber horse on top of them, with the intent of riding him, could be a potential danger. She just knows that it’s a little more bouncy. I had to stage a rescue after she face planted, on purpose, into the pillows and was pinned by Robbie (and the fact that she’d gotten her arms behind her). I really hope she would have been able to get out on her own, but she seemed pretty stuck!

Sadie also got to see Taylor, the little deer that was born the same month as she was, hanging out on the lawn between our cabin and Nani and Grumpa’s house. He has certainly grown. He has little spikes now and you can recognize him by his fluffy white nose. Sadie stood at the window and watched him for at least ten minutes, hardly moving a muscle. His older brother, Tucker, has been spotted around too, and made it through hunting season safe and sound, now that he’s got forked antlers.

And in super happy news: The whole family now has health insurance! Yay! What a blessing!

And here's a Sadie Flash Back Picture!

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