Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Silly Daddy and a Fun Walk

Sadie thinks that Daddy is pretty hilarious. He does an amazing impression of cookie monster (and we don't watch Sesame Street but we have some Sesame Street books and Paul was doing the voices and Sadie was practically falling over from laughing so hard). Even better he was wearing a fire shirt today (from one of the summer forest fires that pop up near our house on a nearly yearly basis) and Sadie loves to look at the tractors and fire trucks that are on the back of the shirt. Which is what I think she was doing when she started hiding from Paul, behind his back. She would giggle for a second and then run around on his left side and squeal and put her face right next to his to make sure he'd seen her and then she'd sprint back around his back and dive across in front of the other side, landing in a pile between his leg and my leg since I was sitting right next to them. She did this about twenty times, laughing uncontrollably the entire time. I think she's definitely feeling better today! I'm also hopeful that she might sleep fairly well (only 3 night wakings?) tonight.

Sadie also walked an entire mile today outside! Our walks take a bit of extra time, because while Sadie practically runs when she's moving, she also has to stop and pick up every pretty rock and leaf that she spots. And right now there are a lot of pretty leafs on the ground. There is one particularly rocky patch of earth that we actually have to carry her over, otherwise our walks would be at least a half hour longer. After she picks up a rock or leaf she hands it to one of us to carry for her. Our walks take a lot of extra time these days!

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