Monday, April 30, 2012

12 Weeks!

I'm hopefully going to be able to get a doctor's appointment today with my regular doctor.  After coughing up blood all weekend (I feel like I'm an actor in my 19th century period piece... and we all know what happens to the person coughing up blood...) I started coughing up black stuff last night, which, if there had been any doubt about a doctor's appointment today, was pretty much the last straw.  I took my temperature and it was a balmy 96 degrees (It's been right around 99 for weeks)... which may explain why I'm cold all. the. time.

I did get to receive the Eucharist yesterday, with our priest bringing it over after Mass.  In the past (before we moved), Paul would bring communion to me when I was sick, and read from the little communion for the sick booklet, but the Latin form was absolutely beautiful, with Sadie kneeling in awe the entire time (she whispered "I'm not big enough yet" when I received communion) and Paul trying to keep Mae from... assisting... as she obsessed over the big golden bell that had been rung down the hallway on his way in, and then tried to steal our very understanding priest's keys.

Yesterday was definitely a step backwards from the "I think I might be feeling better, at least in the morning" days that had preceded this weekend.  It was the first day when I knew I was worse and not better.

And of course, as someone who's had pneumonia before, that's pretty much a fear every time I get a cold, which is kind of silly because when I had pneumonia I went from being fine to being very ill in about 12 hours time.  This, to me, doesn't feel like that (I remember that elephant on my chest feeling quite well).  Besides, it can't be pneumonia because Paul's finals start tomorrow (I'm really ready for my health to stop interfering with law school... surgery before midterms... coughing up blood before finals...  Can I be any more distracting?!?!?!).

We did manage to snap a 12 week picture yesterday.  I will feel infinitely better I think, after the ultrasound tomorrow.  12 weeks is when I began miscarrying last time (although our little one still had a heartbeat at 12 weeks) and  it's one bridge I will be more than happy to be passed in this pregnancy.

Sadie, had to pose with the baby in pretty much every single picture.  It took quite a bit of effort for Paul to snap one that was all bump.  Here I am at 12 weeks... so far I'm down two pounds from the start.  I imagine that will change rapidly once the flu (or whatever this is) is gone...

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