Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sadie's Saints Grand ReOpening (and Anniversary Sale!)

Last night after my last post, instead of thinking of the rapidly approaching morning, I snuggled down on the couch under a fleece blanket (Florida's climate may be catching up with me, because 70 degrees was feeling like felt blanket weather in our apartment) and pulled out a ball of bright green wool.  I had a saint in mind and after searching through some old images of him on Yahoo I finally settled on a stain glass window for inspiration and got to work.  A few hours, and quite a bit of wool later, I had my latest saint doll finished (and it wasn't even midnight):  Saint Patrick.  

This doll is quite a bit larger than the others.  The little Mary doll that I made stands around 6 inches (and I'm not quite finished with the bottom of her veil, which is why she's not posted yet!).  The princess doll is 8".  The penguin is 2 1/2".  Saint Patrick is a sturdy 10".  

I love the way the silky wool that I used for his hair turned out!  

One of the best things about making these dolls, from a business perspective is that I can't be tempted to keep them.  Mae Bae is rather allergic to wool, something we figured out when she began breaking out in hives when I was knitting a wool sweater (she hadn't touched the wool, but if I picked her up after knitting, there were problems).  We figured out quickly that I simply had to scrub my hands after handling yarn (or in this case wool) and Mae was fine.  This is good for my shop, however, because it means that I can't keep the dolls that I make, no matter how much Sadie begs, or how cute I think it would look on one of our bookshelves (I don't have that problem with snoods and my snood collection is getting a bit ridiculous)!  So each needle felted creation will go straight to my shop!

And because today is actually the anniversary of two of my shops (amazingly my snood shop is not yet a year old!  Although can you believe that Full of Grace Creations is now two years old?!?!  Time flies!) I thought I'd post a Grand Re-Opening coupon for Sadie's Saints (since I've been so focused on my other shops this one has been closed for quite a while!)!  The coupon code is: GRANDREOPENING   and is good for 15% your order!  

A special thanks to all of you who have shopped at my stores in the past two years!  I still can't believe it's been two years!

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