Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back Flips Off The Couch?!?!?!

Do you remember a couple months ago when Mae Bae ran, jumped up on a chair, did a front flip over it, landed on a table, continued to roll, fell to the ground and then sat up and was totally fine?


Today she topped that.

She was sitting next to me (all 21 months of her) and she got mad.  Really mad.  Because she realized, for the very first time, that she hasn't nursed in 6 days and is officially "weaned."

She decided to throw a tantrum, and before I could reach her she did that back arch thing that toddlers to.  It turned into a back flip, off of our couch.  I lunged and managed to grab her little hand which did absolutely nothing since her arm was about the length of the distance to the ground (and after the flip I was just thankful her shoulder wasn't dislocated).

I held my breath as Paul rushed over and Mae Bae... jumped up with a smile.  Her head hadn't even touched the ground.

If you know Mae Bae from reading my posts, you may have an idea of what happened next.  She climbed back up on the couch, sat up on her knees and started throwing herself backwards with quite a bit of force, while arching her back.  After several talks with Daddy (who stopped her each time and put her on the ground a couple times) she spent a couple minutes in her crib before sprinting back into the room.  Thankfully she decided not to risk another round in the crib, and went back to playing with her sister and toys.

I hope she doesn't give back flips off the couch another try anytime soon!

But I can't help but wonder what her next dare-devil stunt will be.


  1. Wow! You might think of looking into tumbling classes for her. Sounds like she could be a gymnast someday. I'm glad to hear she is (still) lucky when it comes to flipping over things!

  2. Oh no!

    Def second the gymnastics suggestion though lol

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