Sunday, April 22, 2012

The View from the Couch

Having the flu while on bed rest has made me realize that just being on bed rest won't be that bad minus the flu... of course I doubt I'll feel that way if bed rest lasts for any length of time (we're on day 8 since I've left the apartment for those of you who are counting along).  However I did snap quite a few pictures today and I just had to share.

Sadie woke up in the middle of the night last night to tend to her baby dolls.  I had to tell both of them to go to bed, and even then there was quite a lot of baby swaddling going on as Sadie tried to swaddle the baby in the blanket she was wrapped in.  

Mae Bae did her best to stay away from all the dolls and the swaddling that was going on across the room:

Of course she couldn't avoid her sister's baby cuddling gaze for long and Sadie swooped down when he eyes were closed to give her a quick cuddle.

And a kiss...

From the window seat Sadie has a view of the street below.  And of course she was already in her second princess dress of the day:

Here you can see the full wreckage that was our living room.  Paul actually cleaned the living room yesterday, complete with vacuumed floors... but clean rooms don't last long around here, especially when Mommy's on bed rest.

Sometimes when your on the couch, a red scarf wearing Mae attacks:

She indignant about all attempts to remove said scarf:

Even for a kiss!

When Daddy comes home for a break from studying, the fun begins!

Daddy even snapped a few pictures:

It's tough to get pictures of Mae when her sister is diving in front of the camera:

And sometimes the girls overwhelm Daddy!

What a day!  And can you believe that the pajamas that Mae is wearing are a size 6?!?!

She's getting so big!

And so that is the view today from the couch... And looking through the pictures (all taken today) I realize how many times my girls insist on changing on a given day (I don't think I even got all the outfits photographed, they change so quickly!)!

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  1. I spent most of my last pregnancy unwell and resting, and the more pregnant I got the worse the misery and the less I could do. I will pray you are able to enjoy bed rest.


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