Monday, April 2, 2012

Food. Ugh.

I need to think of something to make for dinner tonight.  Something that involves ingredients in our house.  Something that doesn't disgust me.

That last sentence is the problem.

My morning sickness has been pretty mild, as far as morning sickness goes.  It's definitely there in the mornings, but if I eat something it pretty much goes away for the rest of the day.  It's the kind of morning sickness I dreamed of having when I was pregnant with Sadie.

However... there is a catch.   I.  Hate.  Food.

Pretty much all food.

The exception is the one food that I crave one time a day, when I'm suddenly starving and need Paul to stop writing that paper he's been working on for 43 consecutive hours (without sleep... that's only a tiny exageration... he was up all night last night writing) so that he can get in the car and drive to Target and see if they still have any breadstix in the Target Pizza Hut, because Target Pizza Hut breadstix are the only breadstix on earth that sound good to me.  Except I know that they won't have them, because they don't even have them during the middle of the day when I drop by and someone, after three minutes of standing at the counter by myself, a worker wanders out from the back and I ask: "Do you maybe have any breadstix?" and the question is always met with "They'll be ready in seven minutes" which is apparently how long it takes to make them, but which is an eternity with Sadie and Mae after we've just finished our shopping and are thisclose to the exit.

My family is starting to look at me like I've lost my mind.  I usually love food.  And I usually love cooking.  They're used to me making two full meals a day (Paul gives the girls cereal for breakfast) and we sit down and eat as a family for lunch and dinner.  Now I yell from the living room:  'I cannot stand how that smells!  You eat in there!  I'm going to stay out here in the living room and try not to breath!"

It's not just breadstix (although that's the flavor of the week).  Last week it was cheese sauce (eaten on tortilla chips).  Thankfully our car was broken down and the idea of making my own cheese sauce was far too exhausting (that tells you something too, since cooking is something I enjoy when I'm not busy thinking all food is disgusting).  That limited the nacho intake drastically.

I have been pushing myself to eat something.  Even when everything just sounds... yuck.

I'm ready for the second trimester to roll around in four weeks.  If it's like my other second trimesters everything will sound good (all the time).  And that is just so much more enjoyable!
In other news: my energy level has been pretty great for this part of the pregnancy.  The girls and I needed to go to the store this morning and so we walked 2.7 miles to Target.  Then we walked another 2.1 miles to the swimming pool (I could write a blog post about our time there!).  I thought our walking was done when we walked out to the parking lot... but someone... ahem... had left their cell phone on silent after Mass yesterday (probably because they didn't want to be bothered with their wives crazy cravings while they were writing a important paper) and didn't receive our 4 phone calls asking to be picked up.  3.3 miles later (the most direct route was not the store) we were home for a grand total of 8.1 miles (thank you google maps walking feature!).  My walking buddy and I have been walking 5+ miles a day throughout this pregnancy and I think it is helping my energy level not plummet to former first trimester levels.  And it's helping us save gas!

So... What are your favorite pregnancy foods?  Any particular cravings that stand out when you think of being pregnant?


  1. My favourite was chicken nuggets and fries, that was all I was able to keep down with my 1st pregnancy.

    With the 2nd I loved oven roasted chicken

  2. This sounds so familiar. My first pregnancy I felt the same way, and I'd hide in the bedroom of our apartment while my husband ate. He's from Vietnam, and his family was happy to cook for him while I was sick, but the Vietnamese food was so strong smelling to me at that time, even though I liked it when I wasn't pregnant.

    My craving was a Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito and a limeade. I would go at least 4 times a week my first trimester because it was all I could keep down! With my second pregnancy it was veggie delights from Subway. Funnily enough, my oldest loves meat and cheese, and my youngest loves fruit and veggies so maybe there is something to it.

    I pray that your nausea passes quickly and you're able to feel like yourself soon!

  3. With Elanor, it was chicken broth and Easy Mac -- and ONLY chicken broth and Easy Mac. I lost 20 lbs.

    With every pregnancy I've craved Potato Oles from Taco John's - but with my last two pregnancies, the nearest Taco John's was 500 miles away. :(

  4. During my 3rd pregnancy, the only thing I could stand to eat for the 1st four months were carbs. I could eat plain cheerios, rice noodles with teriyaki sauce, basically anything made with flour. I couldn't stand the smell of tuna, any meat, or coffee.

  5. All I wanted for the first 12-13 weeks was protein. Specifically Beef. I think I made hamburgers or tacos several times a week. I also wanted Cheese, eggs and milk.

    Sugar and carbs (which I am generally addicted to) made me turn up my nose.

  6. I could only eat french fries and a plain double cheeseburger from McDonalds. I dislike McDonalds usually. Oh, and I'd cry over Coke icees. The only Burger King within a two hour radius had a broken icee machine for 3 months. I finally called the corporation to complain. lol I lost 25 pounds with each pregnancy, so eating anything was a big deal for me. With each, my hubby couldn't eat inside the house, had to change in the garage after work (at a restaurant), and couldn't even think of kissing me without rinsing with Listerine right beforehand. I had an aversion to everything- including the smell of my own shampoo and toothpaste. My hubby is wonderful to put up with that, not only once, but twice!

  7. Hi Cam,

    That's impressive that you were and your children were able to walk over 8 miles. You must be feeling good in the energy department. Hope the "hating all foods" feeling goes away for you soon!

  8. I've never been a fan of food during the first trimester. With my first I subsisted on saltines, matzos, and peanut butter crackers. With my second I had to have Pat's cheesesteaks from Philly at least once a week starting days after she was conceived or surely I would have died. I also lived on crackers, dry cheerios and bread. With my third I ate mostly dry cheerios, and saltines. With all three I couldn't even stand drinking juice and resorted to plain seltzer water because everything else tasted awful to me.


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