Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Bae's Trouble Making Weekend

Mae Bae made multiple trips to the safety of her crib yesterday.  You see, she has this obsession of late, that's more than a little dangerous.  She knows she can't get past the outlet covers on the outlets that aren't being used.  But for several days she's been fixated on the outlets that are in use, attempting to grab cords, yank them out and then put them back in herself, while I make a mad dash across the room to grab her little hand, saying in "no!" as I move, which unfortunately, only seems to make her move faster.

She can quickly contort her little body to squeeze into tight places, reaching around corners that are a few inches wide, where plugs seemed so cleverly hidden just a few short months ago.  At one point I just sat next to a plug, which is behind a piece of furniture that she can just slide her arm past, and said no, and removed her from the area every time she made a plug pulling attempt.

She would throw herself on the ground dramatically, scream at the top of her lungs for sixty seconds and then try to convince me a seventy third time that it was really safe and I shouldn't worry about her.

A trip to sit in her crib would dissuade her for a good five minutes, and then she'd be scouting for another plug, hoping I wouldn't notice her inching closer and closer to the lamp and then sharing her outrage when I did.

Sadie would shake her head and say:  "Mae Bae is doing something naughty..." emphasizing the last word dramatically as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

I hope the outlet phase doesn't last long.

The "I hate toothbrushes" phase only lasted a week.  But it's going to be a long week if I'm dashing across the room every ten seconds hollering "no!!!!!!!!!!!"

I have to say that she is remarkably determined.  I'm sure this is a trait that's going to be wonderful later in life.  If I only I could re-direct it from the outlets right now...


  1. Determined is RIGHT! I remember reading Dr. Popcak saying at some point that the goal of parenting isn't to break their will, since they'll need that same will to say no to sin later in life.
    Mae should have a VERY STRONG ability to pursue what she thinks is good and say NO to what she does not!!

  2. Sounds like there's never a dull moment with that one! She's just trying to keep life lively... dangerously... sheesh! Good luck!

  3. I totally feel you on this! Annamarie loves outlets, whether they're in use or have cords in them. She figured out how to take out our outlet covers already. She thinks it's a game!

  4. I doubt dashing across the room is conducive to bed rest either.

    Does she respond to "well, no video/treat/toys" punishments? How many plugs can she get to? Is there a way to block them?

  5. @Martha...I LOVE the Popchaks. I always remember what they write about the importance of having a strong will. So true about needing a strong will to say NO to sin.

    As far as Mae Bae goes...can you teach her how to safely plug things in? Maybe that will satisfy her outlet fascination. She could be old enough. I really don't think outlets nowadays are all that dangerous, honestly. I mean you'd have to try super hard to shock yourself by sticking a wire something directly inside it (unless you have an outlet like we do where the plastic cover is coming out off the wall and the wires are exposed. YIKES!), but the normal ones I think are actually pretty safe, unless you directly stick a small wire object right inside (which I doubt she could actually do). Her fingers are probably way too big to actually fit inside the socket.


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