Sunday, April 15, 2012

Not Moving... and other random thoughts...

So last night the spotting started again, even lighter this time, but still enough to send me into a snap-at-anyone-who-dares-speak-to-me-and-yell-at-Paul-for-"borrowing"-my-copy-of-the-Interior-Castle-months-ago-while-I-was-in-the-middle-of-reading-it-and-then-losing-it type of mood (he stared at me like I was crazy and clearly didn't even remember moving the book from the place I kept it).  Luckily, Sadie had already stripped her bedroom of blankets to make a fort, so I swiped one, put Lady and the Tramp on the DVD player and sulked on the couch.  By 7 pm the girls and I were all climbing into bed and by 7:30 we were all asleep for the night.

I'd googled enough "spotting at 10 week" stories before bedtime to be somewhat more relaxed, however the fact that it's happening each evening makes me a bit wary, since that makes me wonder if this is being caused by overdoing it (although I spend yesterday sitting down like 90% of the time since I was resting) and I'm pretty terrified of the idea of being on bed-rest for six months (Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  I've learned that if I call my doctor at 8:45 in the morning on a weekday, she is usually the one to pick up her office line, so I'm hoping I'll be able to get a hold of her bright and early tomorrow morning.

I have big plans for today that involve the couch, the extra bed in the girls room and only moving when I absolutely have to.  The girls can play pirates on top of me, which is there favorite game of all time.  Sadie is "Princess Pirate" and Mae is "Peekaboo Pirate" (which means Sadie now called Mae "Peekaboo" about half the time when we're not playing pirates) and they've dubbed the new baby "Pat a' Cake Pirate", which I guess works for a boy or a girl.  Playing pirates basically involves laying on the bed, or the ground in the living room, under a blanket and then occasionally shouting:  "Oh no, a waterfall!  Turn the ship!" while the girls talk (Sadie talks, Mae squeals) about how Captain Hook is coming to get us.

We have a free pizza due from Papa John's too, so I think I may finally call that one in, and I heard there's some special sale at Burger King this weekend, involving $1 chicken wraps, so I think I have my cooking basis covered for less than $5.  And I almost forgot I have enough ready made clam chowder to feed the family just waiting to be eaten, so the Pizza might get bumped back to tomorrow.

I'm really hoping my doctor says:  "Oh don't worry it's just _______.  Walk five miles?  That's great!  Yes of course you can keep walking and taking the girls to the park!  Bed rest?  Oh no, of course not!  This is nothing to worry about!"

I also have to add (in this totally random post) that I think my suspicions while in the hospital were correct (I forgot to mention them in my last post), and I must have had the worst veins for an IV in the entire ER on Friday night, as made evident by my increasingly mangled looking arm this morning.  This was the first clue.  A nurse came in.  She was very nice.  She looked at my right arm.  She had me hang it off the bed so blood could collect in it.  She watched it for five minutes and said she'd look at my other arm.  She seemed extremely relieved when the sonogram tech came and said it was time for my sonogram.  I returned from the sonogram.  An EMT came in and looks at my veins on the other arm.  He talked about how great they were.  He put the tourniquet on and watched them for another five minutes, all the while talking about how there are three and they just look so great he can't even decide which one to use.  I began to suspect that this may not be the case, and that he was just trying not to frighten me.  After all, I've never seen ten minutes of people trying to decide which awesome vein should be poked with a needle.  The IV finally went in. A very short while later the doctor came by and told them to take it out (whole conversation outside my door where a few people kept repeating to the doctor that they had put it in while the doctor repeated that now they could take it out).  Sigh.

Which makes me exceptionally hopeful that there's not an IV in my arm again any time soon.  I'm just not sure my "really great" super bruised veins could take it.

So now for a day of moving as little as possible.  I may have to rely heavily on Dora today...


  1. I "spotted" at 9.5 weeks with Vince. Actually, spotted is an understatement. I was losing a ridiculous amount of blood really quickly so that by the time the ER rushed me back to see their on-call OB, the nurse patted my hand and told John to be strong since I had obviously missed.

    Thankfully, she was wrong and all was well (though I had to wait ten days for confirmation via ultrasound) and though I spotted at random intervals afterwards, Vince arrived several months later perfectly healthy and fine.

    My doc later commented that some women are "bleeders" ... whatever that means.

    Prayers for you for a healthy, happy 6+ months. :)

  2. I spent a good portion of my second pregnancy laying on the couch while my then-3-year-old watched videos and kid's programs. It wasn't ideal, but it worked for those few months when I needed to be laying down and trying not to go into preterm labor for the 100th time.

    Praying that you can rest and your spotting goes away!

  3. I'm behind in my blog reading since my computer was ill and being worked on.

    We will certainly be praying for you and baby. Hang in there. We will pray to Mary to protect you both.

  4. Praying for you..

  5. I am praying for you and your sweet baby. May Our Lady give you the strength and courage for it all.


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