Monday, April 30, 2012


The doctor at the appointment today was a little shocked that I'd never been diagnosed with asthma before this afternoon's appointment.  Apparently having bronchitis from the age of 5 until adulthood, along with the bout of pneumonia was a giveaway (along with my "asthmatic cough").  He listened to my lungs for a long time, said that I have asthmatic bronchitis, and ordered a chest x-ray.

On the list on not great news, my throat was only mildly irritated, so it looks like the blood is coming from my lungs (I'm guessing that's why he wanted me to get a chest x-ray "right now").  The lab was closed by the time the appointment was out, however, so it looks like I will get to see my OB first tomorrow to talk to her about it... and then likely head over for the chest x-ray.  All that will be after Paul's Criminal Law final, which I'll be helping him study tonight (I have to say I liked helping him study for Civil Procedure much more because most of the answers were so much shorter on the flash cards).

And I have orders to go to the ER if it gets worse.  I'd really, really really rather that not happen.  I'm sick of the ER.

Hoping nothing dramatic happens to interfere with finals.  And hopefully the prescriptions he gave me will work!  At least they're starting to figure out what's going on.  Every time I leave the ER I feel like it's all in my head.

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  1. It hardly sounds like it's all in your head. I hate that the medical community makes people feel that way. It's along the same lines as them saying that you're lying when you've been compliant but don't have the results they expect.

    If you were a guy they would take you more seriously. How messed up is that.


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